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Make kitchen walls in color – options

If you want to make the kitchen wall color, you can opt for a number of stylistic possibilities.

We believe in decorating living room but  forgets the kitchen. We must understand that kitchen is a central room in each apartment .Not only the food is often cooked, but the whole family gets together at the kitchen table at the common meals.For this reason, many of the design of the kitchen is particularly dear: In the room you will feel comfortable and like to spend time.The kitchen walls designed in color is a great way to give the room an individual character – in the color choice should however be based on the overall design concept of the space.

Make kitchen walls in color - options


Warm colors – The Mediterranean Kitchen

  • Mediterranean-style kitchens are very popular because they dominate in warm colors create a cozy atmosphere. In this style, the kitchen walls be colored: It makes use of warm terracotta and beige tones.


  • Also borders with Mediterranean patterns may be used in this style, on the floor of ceramic tiles fit especially well with the Mediterranean style. However, one should be careful not to select too dark or intense wall color because it makes the room appear smaller otherwise.


The classic: A kitchen in country style

  • If you want to set up a kitchen in a country style and designed in color according to the kitchen walls, should resort to traditional wall colors. Here mainly offer light cream tones. You put the focus on the quality country house wooden furniture and traditional decoration, consisting mostly of flowers and elaborate textiles.


  • Of garish or bright colors is not to be recommended in setting up country-style, because that would dominate the overall impression.


Colorful walls for colorful kitchen

  • If you want to try a new variation in the color design of the kitchen walls, for example, a wall in an unusual shade be painted, such as grass green or red – in this way is given to visual accents.


  • If you would like to make kitchen walls in color, it is recommended that the color of the wall in the accessories or home textiles pick up again, so that a harmonious overall impression. One should, for example, choose cushions for the chairs or even a bowl of fruit and curtains in the same color.

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