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Make the concealer yourself


Often concealers available commercially are not suitable for all skin types and can sometimes cause allergic reactions.It is simple and quick to prepare the concealer house with healthy and safe.Here is how to do it.


Why make yourself?


  • Make your own concealer prevents many inconveniences. First of all it is cheaper to do it yourself, but more importantly it is not harmful to the skin. Made with organic products and healthy, this concealer is perfect for all types of skin without irritating or damaging.
  • It does not take much ingredients to successfully manufacture its concealer. So you need a large lemon from organic and unprocessed preferably a generous tablespoon liquid honey also organic, a glass of milk and henna. Do not forget to bring a small bottle or tube of foundation and vacuum cleaned. You therefore have everything you need to start your preparation.




  • Squeeze the lemon and pour the juice into a bowl. Add your tablespoon of honey and mix with a whisk. Must then add the henna. Beware though for this step because it is the henna that will determine the color of concealer. It is up to you to judge incorporating small doses: the more you add, the more the mixture is dark.
  • Once the desired color obtained, mix again and pour your glass of milk. Stir vigorously again your preparation to achieve a homogeneous and smooth batter. Pour the contents into your empty bottle or tube and let cool for at least two days for the mixture hardens.

Make the concealer yourself

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