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MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover – Cream camouflage extreme

I recently discovered a product of one of my favorite makeup brands, MAKE UP FOREVER, which I never knew existed before, but which product!

This is the Full Cover, one of the best scorers for the complexion I had the chance to try in my life!

So I wanted to let you know today. Here is the information regarding the favorite!

Its official name: Full Cover, Cream camouflage extreme.

This product reminds me a bit Conceal FX or the Tattoo Kat Von D concealer ., but it is still better than the latter.

It is a concealer or corrector, which can be used to cover almost everything. It is a pigmented corrector orconcealer regular, making it more coverage without being thicker.

Most highly opaque markers are often very thick, which makes up unnatural. But choosing a product like Full Cover, you get perfect coverage, so a perfect concealment of defects, but gives a less noticeable. This is the principle of camouflage: we do not want it to appear!

It can hide without any problem various skin imperfections: open or closed scars, acne, pimples, irritation, striae, large circles, redness, hyper pigmentation, depigmentation, tattoo, burn scars (keloids), etc..

It applies both on the face and on the body.

The other advantage of this product is that it dries super fast and leaves no sticky feeling, nor remains wet on the surface of the skin. The only downside to this benefit is that you have to hurry to melt, and it must work in small areas at a time. But once you use it captures how we like it.

For a perfect result, it is essential to melt and blend the edges of the area corrected to have no boundaries. A beginner could make the mistake of forgetting this step, as the product is opaque, corrections could be. So it looks good in ice and fades well.

For larger corrections (dark birthmark, tattoo, dark brown spots, scars imposed, etc..), There must be several layers and dust between the layers with a loose or pressed powder matte finish. This is the technique we use to camouflage with all markers.

The other trick to properly use the product, is to apply a very small amount at a time. It’s amazing how you do not need to use much, given its high pigmentation. Too much product could be a less natural and too thick.

Finally, the last major addition to the product and not the least, it is waterproof, so even if you go to the beach and want to hide your tattoo, just will not fade away even if you get wet. He resists not only water, but also to the sea, the pool, rubbing and does not stain clothing.

In addition, it is very long lasting, so your flaws are invisible all day!

It is unscented, non-comedogenic and tested in the salon on sensitive skin under dermatological control. It can be applied to irritated skin, weakened and after surgery.

It also has healing properties and restorative care of skin lesions and anti-inflammatory.

The tube contains 15ml and is priced at $ 36 € CA/25 exclusively at Sephora.

Available in 12 shades. The color I tested is # 8 in my opinion the most universal color for all skin tonesneutral medium beige.

Tip: Full Cover color tends to darken as it dries, so it is very important to choose a shade two shades lighter than the color of the skin.

I highly recommend the Full Cover of MAKE UP FOREVER, a great product, especially for a makeup artist like myself or anyone in need of greater coverage.

MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover - Crème de camouflage extrême

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