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Hunter makeup Dusty sees many sides to potential women he meets. This month, he joined us as a guest to express that philosophy on makeup. He turned to a friend of his to create a girl-next-door end reform of glam to your first Makeup.com “Beauty Dare.”

The first time I met Jeanine Kuehn was impressed by his gracious attitude and healthy “girl next door” beauty. The first time I heard Jeanine curse, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Incidentally, this is also the moment when I decided I wanted to work with her.

His personal style is classic, with a kind of relaxed professionalism. When I spoke to her about makeup, I have the impression need about luxury; Jeanine suffer from red skin, uneven, that is your focus when it comes to beauty. How many people who use cosmetics as camouflage, Jeanine has a desire to try something more exciting, but feels limited by their “problem areas” and is overly cautious. Makeup Jeanine’s NOS-are more “can not” than “no.”

To challenge your beauty routine, I chose to create a classic Marilyn Monroe look at her, updated with modern textures to keep it from looking too much like a fantasy.

Step 1: After you moisturize your face Jeanine, I applied a primer. Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer offers a beautiful opalescent sheen to skin, light texture and is a suitable alternative to the method of Monroe petroleum jelly to get a glowing skin.

Step 2: To build the roof, I started stroking in YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Illuminating Foundation, MAC Studio Fix followed by Fluid SPF 15 for speckled reddish areas. Then I spot hidden with Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Concealing Duo.

Step 3: I set purely cosmetic skin with powder Finish perfect diamond and transparent, using the same brush, swept the Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush in Rose Sensuous (a must-have for pale skin).

Step 4: Eyebrows should frame and lift the face. I like them soft and full (never underestimate the power of full eyebrows to make you look at least five years younger!). Jeanine filled eyebrows and defined them with Estée Lauder Pure color eyeshadow in Wild Truffle. I followed this with Tinted Brow Gel in Granite Anastasia Lash Mascara and Maybelline Great Clear, which is brushed her hair in an upward motion.

Step 5: I swept Maybelline Color Eye Shadow Tattoo Studio metal 24HR Cream Gel in only Branded in caps Jeanine from her lashes to brows. To cast your eye with contours and highlights, also used neutral ivory and taupe shadows.

Step 6: I aligned the top lashes with a black gel eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is not the hardest thing in the world to understand, it just takes practice and, above all, conviction! Draw this line like you mean it! The slower you go, the weaker your hand and messier work. It helps to do your liner before foundation, too. If you make a mistake, you can clean the edges with makeup remover and a cotton swab without messing up your base. Try: Lancome Liner project long wear gel eyeliner in Fishnets Black Calligraphy.

Step 7: I cut two sets of strips cheap lashes in half and folded them before applying them to the outer portion of the lid of Jeanine. So I dipped into a ultra-black mascara. Try: L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.

Step 8: Monroe wore various shades of red for her trademark pout. I’m using a Maestro Giorgio Armani Lip in 400 provides the perfect red lip. The velvety texture modern (often referred to as “matte liquid”) drags the classic red lip, kicking and screaming in 2013!

It is touching to see someone brave enough to remove all the makeup and expose your camera-in, however, they work every day to hide. It is doubly to see them jump to life once the makeup is done, even if it is not what they are accustomed.

The transformation was fully apparent during the photo shoot when I watched Jeanine laughing, tossing her hair around, playing with her outfit and moving effortlessly from ingénue to femme fatale at a moment’s notice. When she arrived at my studio she was nervous. When she left she said, “Let’s do this again!”

Photos: Dustin Hunter

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