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Makeup and colored contact lenses

I am constantly looking for new products, accessories and makeup looks original and different to change my style and out of the ordinary. In this quest, I recently decided, for fun, to try colored contact lenses. I was not expecting anything special since this type of product has existed for several years, but I was pleasantly surprised at how this simple little gizmo can transform a translucent look boring result that completely transforms, and it very easily. It’s like a touch of madness to brighten a day, without the need for any makeup talent.

Wearing colored contact lenses is a way to change your look that we often tend to ignore. What’s great is that everyone can wear, even those who do not suffer from vision problems. Change the color of your eyes, or just enrich your base color, you choose. There are versions for opaque dark eyes (attention to this version, the effect is sometimes very unnatural, even a little robotic …), translucent or clear eyes (I even saw patterns!). Tip: when choosing the color of your lenses, consider the colors you prefer for your clothes and makeup, and then try to match the color of your lenses, it’s as simple and fun as this. We can even change color for every outfit or every makeup, or downright every day, why not?

The beauty professionals usually work with what is called the chromatic circle. To learn more about complementary colors and harmonies makeup with the color wheel . It is useful not only in everyday life, such as decoration, but also to match the color of your lenses in the main color of your makeup, your outfit, or the color of your skin or your eyes. The color wheel is used at this level to find the complementary color to suit your lenses.

Sort makeup

Makeup is a great way to enhance its best attributes. Therefore, all are good reasons to put it. As previously mentioned, the most important is to match your makeup and lenses to create more intensity and depth to the eye. Obviously, it was built around the eye colors more common. To harmonize most original colors, use basic rules of complementary colors,

By cons, it is important to get a result dose of good taste. For example, if you want to wear makeup super colorful, you can opt for conventional lenses colors like blue, green or hazel. In contrast, if you want a more original look, opt for shades of iris out sized as turquoise, purple or gray. In this case, promote a makeup more neutral and discreet. By cons, for an evening, you can play the color madness combining eye “flashy” and make “flashy”. The possibilities are endless with the combination of colored lenses and makeup. This is a string to your bow to set you apart from your eyes irresistible.

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