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Makeup black skin and mixed

Find all our makeup tips for beautiful skin color ebony.


Make up dark skin

Just like light skin and dark skin, beautiful setting and mixed black skin responds to specific rules.

The first step is to choose the right foundation , which will unify the grain of the skin and provide a good basis for further makeup.

Whether the color of foundation suits you, you need to test directly on the skin of your face and not on your hand.

It should also avoid too rosy hues that tend to intoxicate dark skin. Side texture, the choice can be worn over a cream, foam or a non-greasy powder.

For blush, use an orange color, which like the chameleon, has the outstanding feature to adjust theskin tone of dark skin, whatever shade.

Magnify his eyes

To highlight her eyes must first take into account the color of his eyes

If you have small eyes, there are several tricks to enlarge your eyes . In reality, the color of eye shadow is the only thing that really changes in the implementation of women beauty look with black skin or mixed.

Thus, you should opt for lighter shades in the blue or green, but still highly pigmented. Side mascara, you can opt for originality: dark blue, dark purple, brown and green …

Sublimate his lips

Women with black skin or mixed often have the chance to have nice lips. An asset sensuality that will be essential to develop a lip balm or gloss adapted.

The burgundy color is basic, but all bright reds, pinks clear, bright hues can sublimate luscious lips!

Makeup black skin and mixed

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