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Makeup blonde

The colors that sublime blondes

They are blond, beautiful and fascinate us … But what is less known is that choosing the right makeup, blondes should be very careful and not to fall into excess. Friends with golden hair, take care to associate colors with good advice.

Does not abuse the good things will never been truer than for blondes and makeup. They have often pale complexion, should keep a light hand on the makeup palette.

Makeup blonde

Makeup blondeThat is brown, blonde or red, based on a make-up is successful incomplexion . Remember that the foundation is there to unify your wealth and prepare for a full makeup. It is therefore necessary to harmonize the base of your make-up with the most colorful face to be too white or too tanned and especially not turn gray.

  • Complexion

Blondes should opt for a beige so fresh and avoid orange hues and shades of pink or too dark. The rest must choose a neutral foundation, and decorate with a blush. Lighter and therefore more natural.

  • Eyes

After finding the tone that we would, we must work area of eyes and eyebrows. All eyeshadows are suitable for blondes, provided they are light and applied a subtle way. To highlight the brow bone, choose a slightly pearly pink to white. The eyeliner should be gray or brown mascara with the same color.
A rule to remember: Do not give your eyeshadow to your eyes. Although this belief has a tough life, reconcile his eyes and his eye is nothing rewarding instead. Or your eyes or your skin will not be sublimated by this alliance.

  • Cheeks

As every detail is important, do not neglect the cheeks and lips in your makeup. The color of your blush must harmonize perfectly with that of your lipstick to lips, which may be slightly longer supported.

  • Lips

Every blonde color. Clear skin and a red renounce to very dark red lips and blush pink. Apricot and peach tones are preferred for this type of skin. Darker skin will delight in shades of scarlet or raspberries.

Look blondes

Just like makeup, must be able to adapt its look to her hair color.
For fair skin, blue, green, pink, dark red, gray and black are your colors. Forget the shades yellow, orange tones or shades of beige.
For darker skin, beige in all its forms, greens, shades of brown, orange or red will be the color of your design beauty. By cons, black, burgundy, navy blue and white will not do you value, then
avoid them!

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