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Makeup cream or powder?

Cream blush


-Easier to apply, fade and melt

-Glides easily on all skin types

-Do not accentuate wrinkles if the finish is not pearly

-Ideal for dry skin

-Can be applied on bare skin without problems

For eye-makeup, can serve as a basis for powder blushes


-Not suitable for oily skin

-Migrate and move to the skin (including in the crease of the eyelid)

The dress is low-

Makeup powder


-Can be applied with infinite variety of brushes

Textures and finishes-more varied

-More variety of colors and brands on the market


-Do not migrate in general

-Perfect for applying over the powder foundation or loose powder (it slides on these textures)

-Suitable for oily or combination skin


-Can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles

-Not recommended for use on very dry skin (powder absorbs sebum)

-More difficult to work (apply fade and deteriorate), especially for beginners


At-held, well it all depends on the quality of the product and its formulation. Some poor quality powder blushes will have a mediocre outfit, while some long-lasting cream blushes as Double Wear EyeshadowEstée Lauder, has an impeccable and does not migrate. But my previous comments concerning the majority of these products textures.

-If you use liquid foundation, cream or anything and / or you have a dry and / or mature, opt for cream blushes.

-If you use foundation or powder that you cover your liquid foundation or cream loose powder, bronzer compact or, opt for powder blushes.

In both cases the products are dumped on the wrong basis. So the basic rule is: powder and cream powder cream.

If you wear makeup-finger, two textures can quite agree. But some are highly pigmented powder blushes more difficult to apply finger. To make things easier, apply a veil of compact powder or free on the eyelids to improve the “slip” of the eye.

-As mentioned above, for eye makeup, you can use an eye cream eyeshadow as base powder. This increases the holding strength and opacity in the end.

-For mature skin, in both cases textures, should be preferred matte or satin finishes. Nacreous or pearlescent finishes enhance the appearance of wrinkles.

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