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Makeup dark skin

To enhance the beauty of skin chocolate, caramel or espresso (what nice treats!), You must know the specific techniques and use the right products.

Here are some tips and tricks to obtain good results with black skin or mixed.


This often happens if you use such products for light skin tones or bad, it may have a grayish complexion. To avoid this and to have a beautiful luminous skin, preference foundations under the golden tones, orange, chocolate or copper. Under the shades of pink are worth avoiding.

The formula of foundation must be pigmented. If you have oily or combination skin, which often happens, look for formulas without oil mattifying effect, liquid, cake, stick or powder. If your foundation is liquid, stick or cake, do not forget to powder with a powder compact or free to fix everything. As the foundation, the powder must have the same sub-tone (gold, orange, chocolate or copper). If, on the contrary, your skin is dry, promote moisturizing formulas, rich and thick cream, cake or stick.

This may perhaps surprising, but there are powders “sunny” for dark skin. In contrast bronzing powders for light skin, they do not make your skin more tanned or darker, but give a luster unmatched. We’ll see tones as bright orange or golden yellow. Try: The corrective powders Ipanema (illuminates darker skin) and Samara (eliminates the gray pallor gives keys light and eliminates redness) of Nacara . Radiant guaranteed!

If you have a slightly pearly powder in shades of gold, you can apply points of light above the cheekbones, the center of the bridge of the nose under the eyebrows and on the temples.

There is also a professional technique that is often used in photo for dark skins of using two shades of foundation to create a play of shadows and lights. Area will be created with a light foundation a shade lighter than your skin. We make up one oval lighter which is bounded by the middle of the forehead, chin and the bottom of the outer corner of each eyebrow. The outer zone is oval in makeup foundation with a darker tone, then fades areas to blend them well with each other. Face appear brighter and thinner.

dark skin makeup

You can also, if desired, apply a little foundation on the darker sides of the nose to create the illusion of a thinner nose.

dark skin makeup

Do not forget to lighten your dark circles with a concealer harmonized to your complexion. Take it the same color or a shade lighter than your skin tone. Covers dark circles with a sub-tone yellow, orange or light caramel often a good job. If, in addition to your dark circles, your eyelid is also very dark, thin as the dark circles.


Blush should also be pigmented and not have under your white or light pink. Emphasis bright oranges, reds, fuchsias or dark brown that applied under the cheekbones.


Pigmentation makeup is very important here. For eye color is way much over an eyelid dark pigment should be covering. So avoid makeup translucent and of poor quality. I love makeup and MAC Make-Up Forever, because their pigment is pretty intense. There are also specialized companies for dark skins that offer a good quality of makeup as Nacara, Iman, Fashion Fair, Black’up, etc..

The colors that are most beneficial are golden, copper and orange, but any color is interesting if it is good.To do this, you can apply a bit of concealer or foundation on your entire eyelid before applying eyeshadowpowder. It will be more opaque and the result will be long-lasting. If you want to create shadows, you must contrast with the bright makeup eyebrow and eyelid. If not, we will not see it. Your dark shadow will be much darker than your skin like black, ebony or charcoal.

To highlight your eyes, use a pencil or black eyeliner, black or navy blue to apply to the upper and lower eyelids, at the root of the lashes. These colors awaken the eye and give depth to your eyes.

Finally, give the final touch by multiplying layers of lengthening mascara.


As for the eyes, coppery tones and orange are extra on dark lips, but a nice burgundy, bright red or fuchsia (or any other color) can develop depending on your complexion. If your complexion is very hot, choose a red lip color to hot or vice versa (cold color) so that the final result is harmonious. If your lips are very large and you do not want to amplify, opt for matte or satin colors in shades less sharp. You can also draw a pencil outline slightly inside your natural contour to reduce the volume. If not, a beautiful gloss transparent, brown or beige will value your lips.

Dark skin colors are more varied than light skin. You may need to try several foundations and red lips before to find one that is perfect for you. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a beauty consultant. Worth the cost of patience to raise your beauty shine!

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