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Makeup for brides blondes

Maquillaje para novias rubias
Makeup for a wedding fair

Light hair, fair skin … If this description fits you, do not miss our makeup tips for brides blondes.


If you have blonde hair and you’re about to say “yes, I do”, do not neglect your bridal makeup, which should be a perfect balance between the simplicity and elegance of blondes and sensuality you need to plan the day.

For starters, the basic makeup should be clear and not be above the natural tone of your skin, it is best to tan a bit of trying to simulate a color that is not yours with makeup. The advantage of blondes makeup for brides is to accept all types of colors, pastels with pink or brown, all gently.

Novia rubia maquillada

Blond bride makeup

As for the eyes, color can determine a few shades. They are green or blue, you can play with shadows and eyeliner these colors, and they are brown or black, each color is perfect. The colors are chosen always in agreement with the bridal bouquet and the style of her dress.

Novia rubia, maquillaje de ojos

Married blonde, eye makeup

The appearance of softness can be achieved thanks to the blush. Married for blondes, it is best to use the color pink and avoid those that mark the cheekbones excessively like brown or orange.

Regarding the lips, they must respect the gamut from the rest of the makeup. It is said that the lips should look sweet, and it is true that the excess is to be avoided. But it is also true that it will be a long day, so it is advisable to mark a little color and touch once or twice a day. The makeup can give you the lipstick they used and a guest can keep it in case you should need it.

Before the big day arrives, you will need to do some testing to choose makeup that suits you best. Tip: make an appointment with a friend and watch for his comments on the subject.If she tells you that you look good, you have found the makeup you need!


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