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Makeup for oily skin

If you have an oily skin and you have to do perfect kind of makeup then below are the simple tips that will be telling you how to best makeup for oily skin read this tips and get to know that how you can carry perfect makeup style if you have an oily skin tone.

Tips- Makeup for oily skin:

  1. Make sure that you always prime your skin first because using a makeup primer will help the makeup to stay on your face for longer time. You have to apply the primer before you put on some foundation and powder, or other makeup.
  2. You should also avoid priming your eyelids with concealer.
  3. It is recommended that you should not use excessive powder on your face. Excess powder will make all your pores to push out more oil. Try using minimum quantity of the powder on your face.
  4. You should apply powder only on those areas that are shiny.
  5. You should also make use of blotting papers; they will lift the oil from your skin. Even, at the function if you started feeling hat your skin is getting oily then take out the blotting paper and use it on your face, it will remove the oil and grease particles from your face.

 These are some of the fruitful tips and ways that will tell you that if you have an oily skin tone then how you should be carrying the makeup. These tips of makeup for oily skin are the recommended and suggested one, if you want to have a perfect kind of makeup style and does not want others to look at your oily skin then make sure that you do make use of the above mentioned tips.

Makeup Primer



Apply Some Foundation and Powder:


Blotting Paper, it will remove the oil and grease particles from your face.


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