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Makeup for redheads

Discover how to enhance the beauty of a redhead with makeup.

Magnifier complexion

Whether you are naturally red or that we have applied a red hair color (transient or permanent), it is important to work her complexion so that it appears smooth and flawless.

When is naturally red, we prefer a foundation powder, colored and semi-covering, in order not to disappear pretty freckles, which are part of the charm of redheads. Side blush , opt for wood pink or orange.

When a hair color color red artificial pulling red or mahogany, are working to give the skin a more matte foundation with a semi-covering covering his complexion.Side blush, opt for the orange or terracotta.


Sublimate the eye

Side eyes, opt for blushes with shades of green (clear, khaki, olive …), brown (dark taupe …), blue (clear, turquoise …) or purple (lilac, plum, mauve. ..), ocher, golden …

Side eyelashes, choosing a mascara that lengthens and stuff because redheads usually have fine eyelashes and clear. It is better to opt for brown rather than black, for a more natural effect.

For pencil or eyeliner, also chosen shades of brown not to decide too with the skin tone and hair color.


Emphasize the lips

During the day, can opt for a red lipstick or gloss discreet pink coral, pink orange, pink … In the evening, they can dare carmine, raspberry, red … provided not forcing the eye makeup!

Makeup for redheads

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