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Makeup: The colors that fit me well!

Some tips to enrich your education in make-up.

“Ouch ouch ouch Mademoiselle, noooo! “I suspend my finger responsible for blue eye two inches from my eyes now wide open. The makeup of the store where I like to spend my idle hours trying blushes, lipsticks and other chaff, rushes at me, panicked.

“Excuse me miss, but I had to intervene” upset me “oh yeah? ‘

The young woman, Clemence, decides to hand my education in make-up.

For brunettes: Level makeup, you can almost get away with anything except the colors are too bright or fluorescent (like blue, green or pink) and if you want to intensify its eastern side princess, we don ‘ not hesitate to load eyelashes mascara, eye kohl highlight its fat, and dust the nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin with Terraccotta fatal Guerlain.

For blondes (like me): Clemence out a white iridescent eyeshadow Shiseido me explaining that applies in all pastel colors and green, purple and black kohl are my must-have. Conquered, I nod.”And redheads? ‘

Ah redheads must maintain their diaphanous with the loose powder corresponding to their skin tone, and apply colors from brown to maroon fall on the eyes .

It starts to annoy me to know everything that makeup so I asked him the ultimate glue “Of course the makeup does not agree with the hair but also the eyes. It is simple enough for eyes brown, typing in the hot, dark, black, brown, orange … For green and blue, pastel is the watchword, beige, white, lilac, pink, matte or iridescent, you can not go wrong. ‘

The eye iridescent mine beautiful but spiteful and quite a cocktail of information to digest, I’m out.

Makeup: The colors that fit me well!

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