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Makeup tip: How to choose a best lip gloss?

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The gloss is not a lipstick, its texture is absolutely not the same. So it can be an excellent alternative to it, or be in addition to make it a special effect. Glosses come in many colors, in many textures, but also in several packages, which offer a wide choice, bet that each will find what they are looking for.

First of all, to choose its gloss, determine as to purchase any cosmetic, what budget you want to put. Insofar as there are in all price ranges, you will necessarily find one: only the brand of the product and change the place of purchase.

Also determine the type of gloss you prefer: tube, in this case, it will be applied with an applicator stick dipped into the tube, like mascara, or pot, and in this case, it will apply with your fingers or with a small independent applicator.

Then comes the choice of color. There are a wide range, so be like choosing a lipstick. You can take it for granted that the rest of your makeup, or give it to the complexion of your skin, or just transparent cover for your lipstick and the sublime.

If your lips tend to be dry, you can choose a gloss enriched with vitamin E or aloe to your makeup while moisturizing. The gloss enriched with vitamin E have another virtue that may be interesting: they plump up the lips to give them volume.

In the end, though compare prices: the same product may vary from one store to another, we must be well informed before you buy.

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