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Makeup Tips for Asian eyes (Part 1)

Asian eye makeup tips should be included in any type of makeup forum, a book or magazine. Tricks that work for other lids may not cut on Asian eyes. Asian girls can still look attractive and beautiful natural smoky eyes, or colored, if they just need to know how to get there with the right products and application styles.

About half of Asian eyelids are “single cover,” which means they do not have a crease on their upper lid. This makes it a challenge to apply makeup using traditional methods. Other Asian eyelid fold, but they are always a little different in length and position of the eye.

Some girls prefer to “build on” with a fold shadow, while other trials with placements sea shadows and shapes.

Eyeliner Tips

If you are generally just a girl eyeliner black or brown, you can always add a little interest to your look without shadow:

Metallic color: Try dark liners that offer a touch of metallic color to brighten your eyes without slipping on a shimmering shade. Pencil MAC Buried Treasure Powerpoint Eye is a dark brown-black with gold. If you stain, gold becomes more evident. Play with bold colors, not just amped up neutral. If your lash line is covered by the lid of the largest number of Asian women are, you can apply color to your lower lashes instead. Lining either the top or bottom lid will open your eyes and the tail at the same time, however, can make your eyes appear smaller.

Cat Eyes: thick coating of cat eyes is very beautiful on Asian eyes and can play up to their shape. The use of a gel or black or brown liquid liner, line the entire upper eyelid. Make the line thicker as it extends toward the outer corner. The outer corner of the eye, make a diagonal line up as far as you want the cat’s eye to expand, and then connect it to the middle of the line you made on the upper lash line. Gaps and smooth shape so that it passes seamlessly from the inside to the outside corner. Use a dark line just outside 1/8-1/4 of the lower lash line and attach it to the top line.

Stressing: Use white or yellow or pink-tinged white (depending on your skin tones), line the bottom lash line just above the lashes. It extends from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner for a doll-eyed effect. You can mix in the inner V for a subtle highlight.
Smoky eyes: For a smoky eye stress, look for Kohls or liners that have advice on the end of sponges for blending. Applying a thick line of color, and then the outer edges burrs and the top with the sponge at the other end of the rod. This will give the appearance of applying shadow without the worry of the color should go where, and how to mix seamlessly.

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