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Makeup Tips for Asian eyes (part 2)

Eyeshadow Tips
The instructions tell you to traditional makeup shade to the next on your lighter lid shade in the middle of your crease, the lightest shade on your brow bone to highlight, then add the your darkest color external c This is not the case with the Asian eye makeup tips unless you try to create a crease.

There are two different courses shadow to define popular Asian eyes that make the most of their natural form.

Color gradient: Start with the darkest color near the lash line and work your way through a gradient that ends with the highlight color just under your eyebrows. You will add sophistication to your look much more than trying to put the dark color to an increase that is not there, and will look smoother and sexier. You can then finish with your eyeliner and black mascara for a sensual look.

Shadow mixed Imagine the eyelid is divided into three sections: inner, middle and outer.Place a light highlight color on the lid of your home closer to your nose, then mix in a slightly more darker (medium), and then mix the other edge of the shadow and a medium shade even darker on your outer lid. In this case, there would be no need for a darker shade fold. You, however, still want to apply a highlight color to your brow bone. Blend the edges of the shadow on your eyelids and lashes away in the highlight color so that there is no hard lines between colors.

For a smoky eye
Choose a shade with deep dimension. You do not necessarily want sequins or reflections, but completely matte shades tend to be more difficult to melt than with satin finish, for example.However, if you find a soft, matte shadow be mixed that you like, do not be afraid to try it.

First, align the very eye with kohl in the shade you choose and mix the edges. On the top lash line, try to mix until it almost touches the eyebrow. The color is very light at this point, however. Do not forget to bring color above the lid of your real so they will not all be hidden when your eyes are open.

On the lower lash line, smudging the line down as far as you feel comfortable. The effect of smearing add depth to the eye and make your eyes appear larger, but you do not want to drag the color so far that it makes your eyes heavy and if you have dark circles.
Once you have the foundation in place, you can browse with a shadow in a similar shade using the same method. Wrap around the color of the eyelid with a small flat brush, and then mix it with a soft brush-shaped dome as MAC 217. Extra dimension to take a complementary lighter color and it works from the inner corner, blending it into the inside edge and just above the darker, turning on the brow bone.

Go to the basecoat with black shadow using a small dense brush, moving the tip back and forth across the bottom lid and tapered line as you approach the inner corner. Brighten the back area with a shimmery shade lighter than your skin. Apply it to your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes.

Creating a fold

Some girls still prefer to create a crease for a different eye look. Where the fold is, they apply a gray or brown shadow a few shades darker than the skin.Following the advice of traditional makeup, they then apply the lighter color cover and highlight under the brow. For extra definition, an even darker gray or brown could be added to the outer v and swept down to extend below the lower lashes.


Make sure to apply a primer eye shadow powder in your shadows, especially when working in the furrow. The primer will keep your shadow migration, creasing, or simply disappearing completely as the day progresses. If you do not have a base shade, you can apply correction in place.

Mascara and Lashes

The first step in working with Asian lashes is to curl as they are usually right. Two of the most popular lashes are Shu Uemura and Shiseido. For a low-end alternative, consider Maybelline curler eyelashes.

If you go out or you just want to set for no good reason, you can add drama to your eyes with just a few strokes individual on the outer corners. They will not overwhelm your eyes and add a touch to your look flirty.

Colors and Finishes

With regard to colors, skin tones in Asia in general better in neutral tones. This is why Asian girls remove the smoky look so easy. The Asian skin tones, combined with dark eyes and hair you will remove even the darkest colors, even black eyeshadow. Neutrals like gold, bronze, and brown are good choices for day wear.

If you’re dying to wear colors, you can! You may want to avoid very light, icy pastels because your hair and eye color will overwhelm the lighter colors can you wash. Instead, opt for shades of medium to dark line on your eyelids (you still want to use a light highlight color with a little flicker). You can also remove bold shades very well.

In general, Asian eyes look better with a matte or satin finish. These mixtures cover the rest of the face, rather than presenting them with frost or glitter. You can bring your eyebrows on with a light, shimmery gold, however.

Experimenting Eye Makeup Eye on Asia

Do not be afraid to play up the shape of your eye with the flick of an eyeliner brush or unusual colors. If you hope to create a crease with shadows, give yourself plenty of time to practice so that you can perfect the art of blending the color to look like a shadow.Remember that you are not limited to a small amount of space cover. If your eyelids disappear when your eyes are open and cover your beautiful work, mix up the shade a little further to give the depth of your eyes. Experimenting with light and dark shades, mixing, and angles, you can set your eyes to create any look you want to achieve from doe-eyed and affectionate, sophistication in Vixen.

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