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Makeup tips for big eyes – so they come to advantage

How do you get through, some simple makeup tips for big eyes an irresistible eyelashes

The dream of most women are big eyes. With long lashes that you can look very temptingFor many women, this poses a problem, they have small eyes or even to have to wear glasses, which reduces their eyes visually and do not know how they should best make-up to make the eyes appear larger.It is quite easy if you follow the makeup tips for big eyes, you will find yourself how quickly and easily you have requested their eyes.



Makeup tips for big eyes – colors, you should use

  • Opt for a bright eye shadow color. Since light nuances enlarge the eye visually, whereas dark shades reduce the eye. In the eye shadow crease you can give a darker appearance.


  • Then you should dazzle the two colors well, so there is no sudden change between light and dark, but the distinctions are blurred. Kajal as color, you should opt for as bright tone. Many women use white, but you can also apply a light pink or light blue.


Other useful makeup tips for big eyes

  • Before you begin with your eye make-up, the lid should be completely cleaned of old makeup residue. You can then apply an eye shadow base, this ensures that the eye shadow will last longer on the lid.


  • Make your eyes to give you a special radiation or to look more awake, it is recommended under the eyebrows apply a very light eye shadow and to blind. This also increases your eyes again.


  • On the use of mascara or you should not give him sparingly to lashes tips. Generally speaking, for the application of eye shadow, first remove some color, more color can apply it later if you want a stronger effect still. But it is very difficult to remove excess paint without ruining the entire eye makeup.


  • Do you wish that the color will last especially long or particularly intense appear, wear your eyeshadow wet on. So you see, when you consider a few makeup tips for big eyes, any woman can have without too much effort incredibly beautiful and large eyes

Makeup tips for big eyes - so they come to advantage

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