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Makeup tips for fair skin – emphasize the complexion

Makeup tips for fair skin – the winter type, it depends on choosing the right colors, because naturalness is Key

Especially women with a pale complexion often do not know how to put her face for a party in the limelight as they act very quickly make-over if they do too much of a good thing.Also during the day, it is for the so-called winter type with his fair skin is not easy to stress and to conceal, without painted look.But with a few easy to use and make-up tips for fair skin, pale women is also more discreet daytime and glamorous evening look.

Makeup tips for fair skin: naturally through the day

  • For a subtle make-up is recommended to prime pale women always best with a touch of natural color. Then the winter type should always resort to cold colors, the Rouge is therefore ideally in bright orange or pale pink. Pink is generally for a fair complexion the perfect color because it’s pale skin a healthy glow.
  • Particularly important is the choice of color for eye shadow: As hellheutige women also tend to have bright eyes, recommend here the colors of light blue or gray in combination with pink or mauve, plus a matching eyeliner, but only discreetly at the bottom of the eye. The mascara should the day make-up does not distort the natural eyelashes. The lips are painted in soft orange or pink.

Makeup tips for fair skin: glamorous evening

  • The party make-up in the evening can now turn out something conspicuously quiet. Still, they are light skinned women must ensure that they are not a “clown face” makeup. Generally speaking, the attention should be directed, a somewhat stronger color only on either the eyes or the lips – never both at the same time, the cheeks always remain discreet in bright orange or pink.
  • The eye shadow can also be the evening gold, silver or copper colored, metallic tones are also allowed to be at the bottom of the eye drawn eyeliner discreetly in the matching color.The eyelashes may be a lot of mascara. These lips are best to emphasize only with lip gloss or a soft tone, matching the Rouge. With these makeup tips for fair skin look too pale women always neat and trimmed neatly.

Makeup tips for fair skin - emphasize the complexion

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