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Makeup tips for green eyes

It is important to know how to wear makeup according to eye color to get a nice effect and not an aging effect or disfiguring.

Be beautiful is the desire of all women.In the art of makeup, many tricks are adapted to the complexion of the skin, the color of the eyes, the hair.Similarly, some colors are better than blondes to brunettes, green eyes makeup colors require very different from those adapted to blue eye makeup for example.



  • Makeup for green eyes, it must first know the colors that best define the type and complexion of the person makeup. The eye is a very interesting makeup because it enhances the look.
  • The colors that are best suited for green eyes gray are the colors purple, lilac tones or plums, warm browns and grays. The blue and certain shades of green do not go at all with the color of the iris.
  • The color excellence that goes best with green eyes is the plum color, which is great value in the iris. But be careful because the same colors do not put all women with green eyes.


Different types of makeup

  • Makeup for green eyes, choose shades will vary according to the complexion of skin and hair color for women to wear makeup.
  • Those with dark skin and brown hair, should choose warm colors for makeup green eyes.These are the following colors: orange, gold, amber, brown, brown …
  • For those with fair skin and blond or brown hair, they will choose cool colors. It will be the following colors: gray, blue, purple, pink, violet, emerald green …
  • We must remember that when we speak of warm colors, it comes with color pigments and yellow ones, cold, blue pigments.

Makeup tips for green eyes

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