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Makeup tips for the small eyes


Actions to be done before applying makeup

Quite often, your eyes seem smaller because they aretired and identified. To give them a break up, do not hesitate to sleep with a sleep mask.

Think each evening, moisturize with a cream specifically, the thin skin that is below your eye, massaging gently in order to avoid dark circles .

Finally, do not forget that the shape of your eyebrows is important: long and expanded, but well designed, they deepen the look and therefore will enlarge your eyes. Do not hesitate to entrust their hair to a professional.


Makeup tips for eyes enlarge

Have small eyes is not inevitable because it can be corrected with makeup properly applied. It should first choose an excellent mascara which extends and curls lashes well. Know that we should not hesitate to ask two layers.

Choose a kohl pencil pearly white, that you put on the bottom of the eye. Emphasize the corner of your eye (ear side) using an eyeliner, a dark pencil or a dark shadow to push the limits. (Variation: make a gradient color after the line from the corner of the eye). Apply a concealer.

Finally, remove the pearly white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes (nose side) and on the eyelids just below the eyebrows over their entire length. All of these tips can be very effective when applied together or separately.

Pitfalls to avoid

Obviously, your eyes appear smaller when the natural makeup. However, some types of makeup narrow eyes. This is the case of black kohl pencil placed inside the lower part of the eye. There isnothing worse!

Similarly, avoid putting mascara on the lower lashes. Finally, the line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid should not be too thick.

Makeup tips for the small eyes

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