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Makeup Tricks with Blush

Besides leaving your face with a healthier appearance, the blush can be used to make makeup tricks, disguise imperfections and highlight what you have to offer. Learn some tips on how to use blush to make your face more beautiful.

If your interest is to make the face thinner, use powder blushes or in opaque brown tint and beveled brush. To decrease the cheeks apply bottom bone them. If you want to decrease the tests pass around the hair. If the interest is perk nose, apply blush underneath. To make it look smaller, apply the product on the sides (preferably choose a shade darker than your skin). Never pass the blush on top of the nose. This makes it look bigger, and give the impression that you have a cold. If getting too pale cheeks after applying the product to sharpen the face, pass a blush pink tone about them.
Apply powder blushes in opaque brown tone. Use a brush specific for blushes.
Blush brushes need to be bulky, rounded and elongated bristles

Young Woman Applying Blush to Cheeks
Spread the product on the cheeks, nose and forehead. Before applying, remove excess powder on the brush (the most recommended is the duo fiber), and then move slowly to not look like artificial.
If you do not want to look like a little girl and want to look older, use blushes in shades of peach or pink. Apply the highest part of the cheek bone and head to the back and top.

To get a natural blush refer to a creamy, liquid or mousse. Choose pink or peach color and apply with circular movements in the most prominent cheeks. In any case if you spend a lot of their own use face powder or base to give a few strokes and “erase” a little blush. To prevent these excesses occur pass the product in small amounts and gradually increase if necessary.



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