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Manicure and Nail Care: For silky smooth skin and strong nails

Not only the skin needs daily care. Also, hand care and nail care should not be missing in beauty rituals.

The hands are a personal business card of the person.If they are not well maintained, chewed his nails or dirty, give the outsider no positive impression.In addition, hands are an unmistakable signal of the biological age.Therefore, even anti-aging measures not be ignored.A comprehensive hand care in the wellness program should therefore not be forgotten.

Nutrition for Healthy Fingernails
First and foremost for healthy, strong nails is a balanced, healthy diet.Vitamins, minerals, water and salts must be available in sufficient quantities to protect the nails and get healthy.Of primary importance is the mineral calcium.Not enough is being fed it, to form grooves or white streaks, which are considered extremely unpleasant.Furthermore, should foods such as coffee, cocoa and pumpkin seeds are on the menu.The latter provide much magnesium.Even whole grains, because of their high content of silica enormously important.

Style with manicure nails hollywood ripe
To a power program for strong nails includes a comprehensive care.So regularly, the cuticles are pushed back and nails are filed into shape.The files should always be done with the grain so that the fibers of the nail will not be torn apart.Small cracks can be the door to pollutants that cause the nail is brittle.Have your nails provides an attractive appearance, is the finish.Select an upbeat paint and make your nails too exciting eye-catcher.

Wellness for hands
To protect your hands from the daily stresses and strains, it requires a high-quality hand care.A day cream or lotion with integrated UV protection is the foundation.To support the regeneration of the skin during the night perfectly, it also requires a good night cream.Wraps, body scrubs, and hand baths complete the wellness program for soft hands.Ampoules treatments, as they already know from the facial area, there are also for the hands.They donate valuable moisture, rejuvenate stressed skin and give the extra vitamin boost.

Care products make themselves
For quick care between satisfy a few fix-made beauty products.Thus, a Olivenbad with a few splashes of lemon already do wonders.Once a week can take a dip fingertips in oak bark tea, complementing the industrial nail care.Even creams are made quickly and easily.Goldnessel fat cream or a soothing cream Rose are just two of the endless opportunities to indulge his hands.

Manicure and Nail Care: For silky smooth skin and strong nails

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