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Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

Great Lash Mascara Maybelline Lots of Lashes

This year, Maybelline celebrates 40 years of the famous and very popular Great Lash mascara. You know, the pink and green tube. Hard to miss!

Great Lash mascara water based was one of the decisive innovations Maybelline. It was launched in 1971. The success was instant and it is still the best seller of the company after all this time! Today, no less than one person in the world provides a Great Lash every 1.2 seconds. That makes tubes that!

Thanks to its formula, won Great Lash mascara as her favorite makeup artists around the world. Why is it so popular? Its formula is 100% flexible to create custom looks, starting from natural and attractive lightweight and thick or long and defined. The brush has just the right size and it works very well.

To celebrate all Maybelline has launched a new version, Lots of Lashes, it more volumising brush with heart-shaped elastomer. Just like its big brother, Lots of Lashes creates no lumps or packets, but it gives lashes provided.

I enjoyed Lots of Lashes!

Official description:

In one stroke, the brush “The Catcher eyelashes perfect” wife each lash from one corner to the other eye, creating a look to lashes without clumps. Of lashes and defined, no mess! Much impact, great style, effortlessly …

The brush coats every lash with precision for a tremendous amount from one corner to the other eye.Volume increases with each application.

A new mascara innovative and trendy, we love it!

Available in three shades washable (can be easily removed with soap and water or a cleanser without oil): Very Black, Black Brown and deep black. Suitable for contact lens wearers, tested by ophthalmologists.

My opinion:

Lots of Lashes mascara is excellent. It offers the same benefits as the regular version, but adding a lot more volume. I even prefer the version BIG, I had already tested. Her outfit is very good, it does not bleed and does not flake, but it is easy to remove.

Lots of Lashes gives a beautiful volume very interesting, but no lumps or packet. This is not the mascara that gives more volume than I tried, but as I said, it gives more than BIG version also volumizing and satisfies me.

It is also modular, that is to say, we can multiply the layers at infinity for a volume measurement, and without creating a package.

The brush is small and short, so it is easy to handle and use. In addition, the fibers separate elastomer well and good catch each lash.

Basically, this is a good mascara and for the price, it’s worth it.

Mascara Great Lash Lots of Lashes de Maybelline

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