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Me and my nail Borghese – anecdote

When we say we spend almost a whole afternoon with a new nail polish, it’s either one is nail fetish or is it a anectote to tell about it. I’m in the second category (and be a little bit in the first … ;-)). Here is my story which eventually spread over three days, which shows how the fate of a nail Borghese, installed comfortably, quiet, on a shelf Pharmacy absolutely would not have crossed mine.

I was looking for a new dark varnish in the appearance of a black Chanel Rouge to replace it was doing everything dry because the bottle was almost empty (yes, it happens sometimes end cosmetics! It is rare, but it happens ;-)).

Vernis Borghese

When shopping, I’m talking to a cosmetician in a parmacie, which I recommend with vigor and enthusiasm, the brand of nail polish Borghese. “And why is it so varnish extraodinaire to earn as much enthusiasm,” I asked him. She told me that this is the best polish outfit she had tried in her life! With an argument like that, and my addiction to nail polish, it was obvious that the sale was in the pocket! So I bought a color that was a little more blue than red black, but still very pretty and chic, with a price of about ten dollars (around € 7).

Arrived home, I was really excited to try this brand I do not know. So I prepare my nails as usual, and then I apply a first layer. Already, my excitement level at 7 out of 10 (hey ben, it’s just the varnish anyway!), Dropped to 3 when I noticed that first, the brush was really steep and wide and therefore not accurate and that all Deuxio, color was too translucent. However, I had mixed the product, the soucouant good to hear the little metal ball to a panic attack in the bottle, then why was not there. I told myself that it would be better in the second layer.

So I wait a few hours, the best way to get a good result (plus dry between layers are they more varnish will dry out quickly to the time and subsequent layers), then I go back to my job to apply the second layer. After a few nails, total disappointment: the brush is so steep and the base layer so translucent (and obviously still not dry), some parts of the first layer move to the application of the second layer. The result is an uneven nail with translucent areas and opaque areas. The opaque parts are there because the first layer is intact, and the other because it has migrated. I then said that I must unfortunately a third layer, because it is not about to start!

And to make sure that the third layer works, I look squarely in the morning. So the next day I wake up and look at my nails: imagine that%? & $! varnish pleated in my sleep, because always dry. So I arm myself with patience, and I splint for a third layer, saying he is still not possible to trademark issues translucent. Well it seems that everything is possible in life. The wonderful super stiff brush, and the first two layers have not joined, the third layer has found a way to remove the first two in some places. Fortunately, it showed less, so I decided that I would like that my week because I was hoping at least enjoy the benefit of the outfit!

So the day was normal (almost) until in the evening, I realized that I had slightly hooked one of my nails, which left a small mark. Okay I tell myself, I’ll reapply just a little polish here. So I took my manicure kit and no idea why it was not closed properly. What made my beautiful dark polish bottle well Borghese decided to commit the irreparable suicide! She began her drop my bag, I held high as if by chance, since I took my cabinets up my beige tile ceramic bathroom. And as it was glass, she obviously broke into a thousand pieces, spilling its contents over the bath, toilet bowl, sink, a good part of the floor (and taking care elapse between the cracks white ceramic tiles) and finally on my pants.

My first reaction was to scream, as if the fire had taken me, but then I realized that I was alone at home. First idea: find nail polish remover. To do this purpose, I had an unfortunate bottle bottom. Subsequently, find dish gloves to avoid damaging my nails: the solvent would soon spoil two days of hard work. I finally found one, still as it was my lucky day. It will therefore be more careful to not damage the free hand.

I do not know if you’ve ever tried to clean nail polish, but it does not come off as a bit of spilled milk. The windscreen does not absorb all: we only expand and dissolve, and again, and again, until none left, which would eventually work, except it takes tons of dissolving and I ended up missing. At one point, my bathroom floor was all purple! This is a fairly daunting. So I had to let the whole plan, take my car, go to the pharmacy I buy more bottles of solvent (I took 3 to be sure, and with acetone as a bonus, because it is much more efficient). Back, I continue my work, I realized that I was choking squarely on all fours on the floor in a tiny room that is my bathroom, closed the window, nose pressed on this super cocktail of chemicals releasing a scent that I was almost drugged. I would have had a mask. I just opened the window and cough a few good shots. Great for asthma!

So after removing the trash bag with the rest of this great household, accompanied by my late pair of pants, no cleaner would have managed to save, I thought about my nails. So there is good news. Congratulations my great: my nails remained was perfect. At least some good news!

My conclusions of this misadventure were perhaps the varnish I bought was too old. A nail with too old, can sometimes do that, that is to say, never really dry. But it did not remove the problem of stiff brush. For the fact that the varnish was too ashamed of its poor performance to face me and he chose suicide instead, it has not influenced my reflection on its quality. But ultimately, to put a balm on my annoyance, the clerk was right: paints, once dried, that is to say the next day: it took me seems like an eternity. Something like ten days. At least one quality!

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