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Mehandi designs from around the world

I am lover of mehandi designs. Therefore i continuously search for different designs. I have seen many different types of designs from different parts of world. By watching these designs i personally appreciate the work of artist and effort they put in finishing each design. I never thought henna designs are divided in so many categories. Today i will be discussing different categories of these designs and also show you some examples.

Many of these categories has same patterns such as floral, lines and shapes. These similarity results in mixing up the categories. As we all know art has no boundaries, so the artist do not confined to one category only. Instead they play with different ideas and imaginations to bring up beautiful mehandi designs on hand and feet. These simple henna designs will help you get better idea of these designs.

Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs Mehandi designs

As far as similarity of design is concerned it is commonly due to similarity in culture. Such is the example of indian and Pakistani mehndi designs. List of different types of mehandi designs are as follow:

  • Arabic: Consists of floral patterns. The focus is not on filling up the space instead decorating it. 
  • Indian: The focus is on filling up all the space. Use of animal structure such as elephant and peacock is common on festive occasions. Arabic designs never promote animal structures due t religion
  • Pakistani: It is hardly to differentiate it from Indian designs as both the country shares same cultural background. But now a days Pakistani designs are more dominated by arabic designs
  • Moroccan: These can be easily differentiated from rest as lines and shapes are used extensively.
  • Sudani: The design consists of small flowers and small leaves  as compared to arabic designs.
  • African: Similar to sudani designs
  • Sri Lankan : Similar to Pakistani and Indian designs

As you can see that mehandi designs are named after a region or country. Each having its own specialty and uniqueness.

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