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Method To Do Zebra Nails Art Easily

In this post we will going to explain the detailed tutorial with the help of which women can learn the method of applying zebra nails art design in superb way.

Easy Steps To Do Zebra Nails Art:

Step No 1: In the very beginning of the zebra nails art you have to set your nails and remove the current coat of nail polish with nail polisher remover and cotton swabs. You should clean the hands thoroughly with warm water, and then dry them. Now apply lotion to smooth skin and nails.

Step No 2: Now apply one clear coat nail polish on each fingernail on your left hand. Now you have to begin with your pinky finger to lower the chances of smudging. At the time of application you can even create even strokes from the bottom of the nail to the top.

Step No 3: Now you have to just wait for a few minutes for the clear coat to dry before applying the pink base coat. Now wait for base coat to dry before applying a second layer.

Step No 4: Now you have to wait for 15 more minutes so that the second layer might get dry. Now you have to gently run the tip of your finger on the last painted nail to see if it has dried completely.

Step No 5: Now make the use of thin nail art brush to paint black zebra stripes onto the pink nails. You can apply stripe on each nail to avoid a boring nail look. This will going to make the zebra pattern vibrant.

Step No 6: Now just wait around for 10 to 15 minutes for the design to dry. Now wash and dry the nail art brush. You have to make the use of it to fill in empty spaces between the black stripes with thin lines of silver nail polish. Silver lines will going to make the nails stand out additionally

Step No 7: Now allow the silver design to dry before applying the top coat of clear nail polish.

Step No 8: Well in this way in just few minutes you will be finished with the pink zebra nails art look.

Now follow the above mentioned 8 steps very carefully and set your nails with the beautiful zebra nails art design!

file (1) file (2) file (3) file (4) file (5) file (7) file Zebra-Nail-Designs-Green-Clolor-Nails

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