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Method To Make Nail Arts Design

Nail art is becoming the hottest trend now a days. Every women love to apply nail art designs through which they can enhance the beauty hand. There are so many nail art designs available in books and on websites as well. But here in this post i am sharing with you two best methods through which you can make nail arts design easily. So, learn all about the nail art designing below.

Method To Make Nail Arts Design

Let’s check out these two best and popular methods of nail art designs below. These nail art designs are very much popular and demanding among women. Let’s check out these steps below and try them now for making your hands looking simply stunning.

Method No 1:

On the very first, we have the hippe nail art designs. For getting this look, you should have to apply the shimmery white nail polish first and then let it to be dry. Once it dries up, then apply four small beads of neon acrylic nail paints at the end of nails. Now swirl up the small beads of paint with the help of end of brush before the paint dries up. Now allow the paint is to dry and once it dried up then dip the paint brush into white acrylic nail paint and draw small symbol on the bottom of nails. In the end apply the top coat and wait for while until the design dry thoroughly.

Method No 2:

On the number second we have the nail arts design of lines and dost. This nail art design is very popular now a days. For making this nail art, you should have to apply a sparkly pink acrylic nail paint to the tip of nails and create a French tip. Now, by using the fine nail paint brush create white small line along the top of French tip. When it dries up do the same with the green paint just like white line. Now apply the black dost in the shape of seeds by using of dotter tool.

So, these were the two best methods of nail arts design. Follow these methods and make your hands stunning and lovely in every walk of like.


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