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Method To Sew Churidar Suits At Home

Do you sometimes take maximum interest in sewing the churidar suits at home? Well we all know that churidar is basically defined as the pajama-like clothing set that is traditionally worn, in South Asia and Central Asia. This type of clothing is based on salwar pants which have been modified to accentuate the figure of women. The churidar top can be worn in a variety of lengths and is considered appropriate in support of everyday wear as well as formal occasions.

Steps To Sew Churidar Suits At Home:

  1. You should have to firstly lay the pattern paper out in front of you. You have to make the use of the measuring tape to measure a vertical length of 108 cm.
  2. You have to measure the vertical length of 11.5 cm from the top of the line that is made in step 1. This line will going to act as the front neck opening. You have to draw a horizontal line which is perpendicular to this point and measures 7.6 cm.
  3. Now you have to draw the horizontal width of 7.6 cm from the top of the line.
  4. Now gently draw a line which slopes slightly downward and to the right. This point actually originates at the point measured. This will going to reach a horizontal termination point which is approximately halfway between the height of the line.
  5. You have to measure the vertical length of 39 cm from the top of the line that is made in step 1. Draw a horizontal line that is perpendicular to this point which measures approximately 20 cm in width. Now you have to connect all the lines together.
  6. Now just draw the line between the bottom horizontal line and the end of the horizontal line that was created in step 7.
  7. Be sure that you have cut the pattern with scissors.
  8. Just hold the fabric in half so that the open edges are positioned on the right. You should lay the pattern on top of the fabric so that the long vertical edge lines up with the fold in the fabric.

So by following the above mentioned steps you will be all set to grab the perfect sew Punjabi suits! Do you find this method of sewing Punjabi suits easy and effortless? Try it now!

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