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Method To Wear A Salwar Kameez

Do you want to know the actual method of wearing salwar kameez? Well we all know that this is a type of garment that is commonly worn by women in India and Pakistan. It can be defined as the national garment of Pakistani dress. Not just the women but even men favor wearing this clothing too. The style of clothing is worn varies by country and region. It is all set with the use of stunning embellishment with elaborate embroidery and embellishment. Salwar is the name of the pants that is similar with the pajama pants. They are loose and baggy in the hips and thighs and taper down to a tighter ankle. Kameez is the name of the standard shirt worn over the salwar. It is a tunic style shirt.

Steps To Wear Salwar Kameez Easily:

Step No 1: You can wear your clothing with a long scarf draped over your shoulder. The type of scarf that is generally worn in the company of it is called a dupatta. They are scarves are usually long plus slim and usually sheer. You can find them in varieties of color from which you can choose the one that is complimenting looking. You can even drape it over one of your shoulders, with an equal amount of scarf on front and back.

Step No 2: Don’t forget to mix up the clothing with the accessories such as gold or multicolored bangle bracelets. This can be worn for a special occasion adding with holiday or birthday party.

Step No 3: One particular salwar designs kameez that is suitable for the workplace is called the trouser kameez. This style of salwar kameez has a shorter top than the standard tunic style top. You should make the use of slim fit, less baggy trousers for giving away more professional for work.

Step No 4: You can even think about choosing the Afghani style for comfort and if you are concerned with concealing extra weight. It is taken to be best as in favor of the salwar kameez that looks like a maternity dress and also has baggy, tapered pants.

So stop thinking and plan out the function to wear this elegant clothing of salwar kameez! Is this Pakistani dress one of your favorite ones?

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