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Methods For How To Get Longer Eyelashes By Natural Home

eyelashes is not complicated tasks at all but still you have to take care of many major and minor things through which you can get hold over the perfect and exceptional looking long eyelashes.

Easy Method For How to Get Longer Eyelashes by Natural Home

Methods For How To Get Longer Eyelashes By Natural Home

Well with the help of above mentioned steps you will get to know that how to get longer eyelashes tips by natural home:
1. In the very beginning you have to collect some of the main items that are neassary for the task of making the eyelashes longer adding with Vaseline, an eyelash curler, a dark eyeliner, blow dryer, a lash brush and both clear and black mascara.
2. Now wash your face and remove all kinds of the makeup right from the skin. Now you have to take the Vaseline and apply it over the eyelashes with the help of the fingertips. This will going to keep the eyelashes moisturized overnight. In this way you will be able to apply the mascara over your eyelashes.
3. In the moring you will going to remove the Vaselien with the help of lukewarm water. Now you have to make the use of the eyelash curler with the help of a three second blow from a hair dryer. This will going to help out in perfect curling of your eyelashes.
4. Now in the next step you have to line your eyelashes at its base. You should start at the point of meeting of your skin and eyelash. This will going to help the eyelashes to give away the thick appearance.
5. You should be making the use of maximum of three coats of mascara. As the mascara coating will get dry you will going to apply another coat of the colored mascara and then comb your eyelashes using a narrow-toothed lash brush. This will going to provide protection to your eyelashes.
6. You can make the use of some additional coat of clear mascara to the eyelashes. Be sure that you don’t make the use of more than three coats of mascara on top of your eyelashes.
So start following these steps now that will let you know clearly that how to get longer eyelashes by natural home! We are sure that with the help of this method you will going to fall in love with your eyelashes.

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