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Methods of facial hair removal

Many women are bothered by unsightly facial hair. Helpful introduces you to the most common methods of facial hair removal.

In men, the increased and denser hair growth of the male sex hormone testosterone is due.If an elevated and unnatural increased hair growth on the body and in the face of women, is an expert at a hirsutism.This can be hereditary or caused by an increased testosterone.

  • Before a cosmetic and lengthy treatment should therefore be ruled out that the cause of the growth of hair can not be found in a hormone-producing tumor.


Facial waxing

  • Move a simple and common practices to the disturbing facial hair to body is waxing. You can use this method alone at home or remove the facial hair of the beautician wax can. If you want to opt for the first option and try the wax at home alone, you should consider some things.


  • The wax should not be heated before applying too much, as this can cause burns to the skin.Apply the wax in a thin layer on the affected area, let it dry and then pull it off with a firm tug.So the little hairs their roots are torn.


  • Then apply a soothing cream, for example, an aloe vera gel to prevent redness. With the hot wax method you have about three to four weeks of rest before the pesky hairs that are also not grow thicker. Disadvantage of this method is quite clear that it needs some courage and must be repeated after some time.


Shaving and Hair removal

  • Shaving seems to be the easiest way to go to the last hair on the collar at first glance.However, the hair grows back thicker after shaving stubble and again, which makes this method to no-go.


  • Epilation is to discard a simple, yet effective way to get the annoying facial hair. The hair can be pulled out as the wax method, including the roots and grow until about three weeks after again. Disadvantage of the method as well as they grow, the pain in the facial hair removal, which is the epilation even greater.


Stay away from depilatory creams

  • On the legs, hair removal using chemical depilatory creams may still going quite well, but in the face, you should work on any case with these chemistry clubs. They will only bring unnecessary skin irritation and redness, which usually take a few days to subside.


  • Bleached to the use of hydrogen peroxide to the pesky hairs, you’d better let it go. Again, the skin irritated and reacts strongly only with unsightly redness and irritation.


Facial hair removal with laser

  • The laser treatment is the only one wavelength used heavily restricted, so that only very dark hair can be removed in the most fair skin. A further development of the laser method is the IPL (intense pulsed light). However, in this method is: the darker the hair, the greater the probability of success.


  • In the IPL using a flash lamp pulses are transmitted to the hair, which are channeled through the pigments of the hair to the hair roots. There, there is a degradation of the cells in the hair follicles, which are then no longer able to produce new hairs.


  • Directly after the treatment, no instant success is noted since the hairs in the skin and remain still fail only in a period of several weeks after the treatment, by itself. After treatment, patients should avoid strong sunlight and tanning booths. Depending on the pigmentation and thickness of the hair, as well as the skin condition for about three to five treatments are required.

Methods of facial hair removal

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