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Methods To Learn Arabic Mehndi Designs

Do you want to learn how to design latest mehndi design in stylish and yet easy way? Well we all know that for some of the women designing the mehndi designs with own self help is found to be a lot interesting but at the same time it is little complicated task as well. In Arabic mehndi designs you will be finding simple as well as complicated mehndi designs. Now for designing the intricate mehndi designs you should be well aware from some of the techniques and methods that can make the application task easy.

Tips To Learn Arabic Mehndi Designs:

  1. At the time of application of the Arabic mehndi design be sure that you don’t find the mehndi design that is covering the much skin as the Indian mehndi. Arabic patterns leave more skin showing than Indian patterns. Arabic mehndi consists mostly of floral designs; animal and human figures that are not usually used.
  2. In the same way Arabic mehndi designs consist of several large shapes with large areas that are completely filled in with henna. Large shapes in Indian mehndi often have patterns inside them rather than a solid color.
  3. You can easily copy up the design from the paper onto the desired area with the laundry pen. This will be a guideline in support of applying the henna. To avoid drawing freehand you can even trace the design onto tracing paper with the laundry pen and then apply roll-on deodorant to the skin where the tattoo will be. You can lay the tracing paper on the area, marker-side down, and press gently. This will transfer the design from paper to skin.
  4. Hence at the same time the method of placing the two or more teabags with hot water into the mug will be the best method. Just allow the tea to steep for about 15 minutes as until it is dark.
  5. When you are removing the mehndi paste you should make the use of a soft and dry cloth. The henna should leave behind a dark design on the skin. If the design is not dark enough, you can reapply the paste overnight.

So follow the above mentioned tips for the best application of the latest mehndi design! All the best! Follow each and every single step with great care and attention!

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