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Mistakes to avoid in makeup – lips

As an artist, makeup artist, I often see “errors” makeup and he is sometimes impossible to see the person to give my advice … So I take the podium this blog to give you a list not exhaustive of these “NEVER do” make-up. Topic into three parts: the skin, eyes and lips. See articles on the complexion and eyes .

Today: Lips

Lips – not to # 1

Make a pencil lip liner darker than your lipstick.

Avoid for the simple reason that this trend has run its course several years ago and is now out of fashion.

What to do instead: the eyeliner should be the same color or darker than your lipstick without.

Lips – not to # 2

Wear a pale lipstick if you have a pale complexion and it does nothing else like makeup.

This will give you a look sick and tired.

What to do instead: lipstick pale is beautiful if you wear eye makeup more sustained and / or we have a beautiful tan. Promote then gloss or lipstick more colorful makeup before your eyes or wear a little bronzer.

Lips – not to # 3

Choose a very dark lipstick when you have thin lips (like burgundy, red or dark brown).

Many people believe that darker colors will notice more and therefore the lips more apparent. This is the opposite happens. Your lips will be even finer! Darker colors do not reflect light so that the eye picks up as more distant in space. It is a basic principle in makeup: everything is clear ahead and everything fell dark. It is with this principle that makeup make corrections morphological face.

What to do instead: Opt for bright colors and pearl.

Lips – not to # 4

Make an outline of the lips excessively larger than the actual size of your lips to “make them larger.”

From 5 mm, everyone will notice that you have cheated and the effect is no longer natural. This gives the impression of a mustache juice!

What to do instead: Do not exceed more than 3 millimeters. To compensate, wear lipstick pearl or frosted and layer a gloss lacquer.

The moral of the end: the makeup used to sublimate our beauty, not disadvantage us.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions about this blog after this article if you have doubts about some of your techniques makeup lips, I will be happy to enlighten you.

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