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Mistakes to avoid in makeup – The eyes

As an artist, makeup artist, I often see “errors” makeup and he is sometimes impossible to see the person to give my advice … So I take the podium this blog to give you a list not exhaustive of these “NEVER do” make-up. Topic into three parts: the skin, eyes and lips. 

Today: Eyes

Eyes-not to # 1

Put an eyeshadow the same color as his eyes.

Believing showcase their iris, many people wear makeup in this way, but they are the opposite. This “off” look.

What to do instead: choose complementary colors.

Eyes – not to # 2

Put pencil eye below the eye only.

This strategy gives the impression of an eye drop, tired and accentuate dark circles.

What to do instead: Apply pencil FIRST above the eye. If you want to put underneath, made (in addition to the above) a thin line and blend it. If you are too eager, opt for kohl pencil to highlight your eyes inside. Inaddition, if you have eyes, you should never put eyeliner under the eye. It will give the illusion of fish eyes.Kohl will benefit you much more. In contrast, if you avoid the khol with small eyes.

Eyes – not to # 3

Apply dark eyeshadow on the eyelid if you have a drooping eyelid or bulging.

With this type of makeup, your eyes will look sunken and smaller.

What to do instead: Apply highlighter and light on the eyelid and highlight the hollow under the eyebrow going up on the curved part with the dark shadow. Then you balance your look.

Eyes – not to # 4

Use eyeshadow bright or dark do not put anything like makeup.

You will have a mine more tired than if you did not put anything at all.

What to do instead: If your time is limited , mascara is your best ally. It opens the eye and gives strength to the eye.

In order of importance: Mascara, eye contour pencil, gloss or red-to-lips, blush, eyeshadow.

Eyes – not to # 5

Put pearly eyeshadow if you have a mature eyelid.

This is the same as the blush pearl.


What to do instead: the matte or velvet are preferred.

Eyes – not to # 6

Apply a bright color eyeshadow over the entire surface (the lash to brow).

I frequently see this error, and in particular some older individuals with the color blue. First, the color should be avoided in mature ladies, because it does not value their faces and aged more. In addition, you should never apply intense color near the eyebrow.

What to do instead: women experience should focus on neutrals and earth focus on the eyes and color on the lips. On the application, the only colors that class has the right to be on your eyebrow line is beiges (from white to peach). The bright colors should be applied on the eyelid or inner corner of the eye.

The moral of the end: the makeup used to beautify yourself foremost as well as highlight your strengths and not to amplify the imperfections.


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