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Morpho makeup: I have a round face, how to do my makeup?


The round face is characterized by round cheeks that hide the facial bone structure. Note the absence of lines and angles. Thus, jaw and cheekbones are almost invisible. Do not panic so far, Plurielles.fr explains how to set value.
To lengthen a round face, a tip: apply two foundations different. The first, the darkest, must apply to the zygomatic bone of the jaw and should fade towards the mouth. The second foundation , clearer aims to illuminate the face. It therefore applies on the forehead and chin. Theblush , meanwhile, must redefine the contours of the face. It applies to the temples but also the cheeks and jaw must be well faded to the neck.

Again, it’s all about nuances. Your eyes must grow, grow. Eyebrows should not be too thick and the inside of the eyes and the lower eyelid should not be disguised to avoid printing “down”. A woman who has a round face, should favor the makeup of the upper eyelid. Eyeshadow or pencil will be applied on the upper eyelid and will be stretched outward and upward face.

For a successful makeup mouth, those who have a round face, can use two lipsticks . The clearer will be applied to the central portion of the lips while the second overlap the rest. This combination helps to illuminate the mouth while suggesting verticality in the facial features.


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