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Must Summer beauty tips for women to know

In some countries, summer is the season of joy and relaxation. The heat of the sun gives a warm and gentle comfort your body and mind. But sometimes, the heat rises and we go through difficulties. Generally, the summer is not so great for your look. However, the maintenance of a healthy beauty regimen, you can easily protect the body of the sun. The beauty tips for summer that will provide a healthy skin and beautiful hair.


Summer skin secrets:
Apply sunscreen: These are basic principles that should be followed during the summer days. To protect the skin of the hands from burns and other harmful effects wear sunscreen regularly. A sunscreen with at least SPF 15 can protect the skin from sun damage. You can also opt for hydrating toner instead of moisturizer during the hot summer days.



Not to sunburn: To get rid of sunburn can tailor a useful method. Taking aloe vera extract or lotion and apply on the skin. Furthermore the treatment of sunburn, the formula also relaxes the skin. A sunburn lotion containing zinc, sunburn can cure overnight.
Clean the skin: remove dead skin cells, you have to choose the method of washing. Once or twice a week, take care of your skin gently with a good wash. During the summer days, this method is very effective.



Drink plenty: Water is life, especially during the summer days. Drink 8-9 glasses of water a day and moisturize the body naturally. Also improve its brightness. Also, include fruit juices and other green leafy vegetables in your diet.
Wear a hat and sunglasses: For a perfect summer dress hat and protective sunglasses. Whenever you leave want to use these two essential elements.

Tips for hair care in summer:
Shampoo: Use shampoo to wash your hair properly. So he will be able to remove dirt and extra oil.
Conditioner: After washing your hair try conditioning effect. Enjoy a hair silky smooth with a conditioning treatment.
Hair oil: Apply the oil in the hair at least once a week. Massage hair properly to get that nourishing effect.

Summer Makeup Tips:
► The natural makeup is best during the summer days. Give him a cool skin tone. Choose matte powder to pamper your face. Based powder light, they can be applied. No preferred base lotion, cream or strong during the summer days.
► The lip balm containing SPF 15 is ideal these days.
► The shadow neutral tone is perfect for eye makeup. You can wear a mask and waterproof coating for a better result.

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