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My skin has never been so beautiful with glycolic acid!

I’ve never been someone who has beautiful skin. I started to get acne at 11 years, and I kept a few scars. In addition, with combination skin, I often blackheads and enlarged pores. I also have a dull, blurred. And to add the icing on the cake, I very often peeling on the nose during the cold season, and I’ve never understood why, because I’m scrubs every week and I hydrate my skin twice daily.

So I started looking for the miracle cream that would make me a beautiful healthy complexion, good-looking, more uniform, smoother, softer and without flaking. I did not think this cream was until I discovered creams with glycolic acid.

I knew very well glycolic acid. I knew it was an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), an exfoliant that comes from sugar cane. This molecule is a ultra-thin (thinner than other AHAs, often used in facials) so that penetrates the skin better, deeper.

The main strength of glycolic acid is that it removes very gradually the surface layer of skin is dead. She is the champion quickly to eliminate dander. In doing so, it reveals the layer of skin that is healthy, which gives amazing results.

The dull and fuzzy is often caused precisely by the amount of dead cells on the skin surface. Treatment with glycolic acid, the complexion is bright and uniform as never before.

Additional benefits of glycolic acid are improved skin texture and general appearance (skin so much smoother and brighter), decreased dry skin, increased hydration effect, rejuvenating and anti-Child not requiring bed , reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots or pigmentation, deep exfoliation, which unclogs pores and prevents blackheads and pimples, normalization of the stratum corneum, PROMOTING cell renewal, etc..

Creams with glycolic acid are particularly recommended for women who have brown spots, because this ingredient has a lightening effect on them.

The only problem with glycolic acid is that it should be avoided on very sensitive skin, as is the case with all AHA. But for all others, it is definitely worth a try. In addition, this ingredient sensitizes the skin to sunlight. It should therefore be possible to avoid sun exposure when using a cream with glycolic acid, or using a good sunscreen. That’s why a good portion of glycolic acid creams already contain sun protection inside. If you go on holiday in the south, against, stop use during this period.

Another thing to know is that there are a variety of percentage of glycolic acid creams. Depending on your needs, you can take a lower dose or stronger. In general, the more you have wrinkles and spots, the percentage should be higher. There is a maximum possible allowed in stores, but you can get the highest concentrations dermatologist for example, or peels. In general, there is most often a concentration of 4%, 8% and 10% in stores.

I use a cream with glycolic acid for a month now. In all my live, I never had compliments on my skin, but it happened to me twice in a month, which for me is very flattering. I’m really impressed with the effects of my cream is I will continue to use it long term.

The two best brands care glycolic acid (I know) its Reversa,  and Neostrata.

Cream that I tested in the last month is the Skin Smoothing Cream Level 1 Neostrata. But I can not wait to try it Reversa, because the brand has a sustained release technology glycolic acid, which reduces the risk of reactions, redness or tenderness. For cons, I have not had any problems with the Neostrata, apart from some minor redness early days, because it is the skin becomes accustomed to glycolic acid. We can, if you’re scared, start with a low concentration, and increase as our skin gets used. You can also start alternating with regular care, such as a regular day cream and a night cream of glycolic acid, or skip a day.

Cream Neostrata Level 1 only contains 4% glycolic acid, which was enough for me, because I’m only 30 years old, and yet wrinkles (Hallelujah.).

My skin is wonderfully soft, smooth, uniform, bright, with fewer imperfections and well hydrated. I do not stop the glycolic acid cream anytime soon (except for my next trip to the south of course …: o)) …

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