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Nail art Ideas | Nail Art Tutorial mosaic effect

Nail Art Tutorial mosaic effect

A little nail art that exudes sun, it speaks to you? From my side it’s a bit my current obsession, because he refuses to settle down, I carry at least fingertips I say it’s better than nothing! So I’m asking the same colors that are not necessarily in my habits, among other coral-orange that ultimately prove to be perfect allies for mixed time. I propose today a nail art rather easy to achieve if you are a little careful, but first I present the precious which I used to carry you!

Mosaics Coral

Zoya Creamy is ZE yellow sun for me. Neither too orange nor too dull nor too cold yellow with a nice application and drying Zoyaesque. A flashy Jasper, I discovered not long ago and, although for the moment I do not seem to ask one tad, I think AC can be downright nice summer! (Poke Pmabelle is just your fault that I fell for it!) TNB liner for flake, nothing particular to say about it except it is gold? (I guess you did not notice, eh?). The following two (the first name of the label is deleted meaculpa Blogger paper mache, this is the second camera) come straight out of the collective Poppy Razzi output France this winter, neon pink and coral perfect for this nail art because they must be placed on a white base to fart retinas. Good thing this is the goal of the day! The third is none other than the lovely Peach Daiquiri, a true super-pink!Finally, Trout P (r) out, the famous, I am faithful. Cousin of Essie Tart Deco is a Coral (perfect balance or pink or orange, a true coral) but flashy cream. Surprisingly enough, in fact, succeed in getting a color that catches the eye as much as it contains white. In short, I like it a lot and I am delighted to have as my Tart Deco is one of the few in my collection bottle be worn to the bone and no longer be applicable. (Proof that even with more than 4 million varnish can be stranded) This is a good alternative (and I feel it ages better, but maybe it’s just an impression). Bwef after all this talk, we may can watch the nail art now right? We will not spend the day listening to my rantings coloresques?Mosaics Coral

Suuuunshiiiiiine! (Well, not that much really, but yes my nails!)Mosaics Coral

Mosaics Coral

I really want to add that as usual my photos embody a little extreme frustration since neon pink roses stand insipid. And I’m not a fan of insipid in general. But know that true in real life with my real eyes, it tears my Nail Art color serious question. Except that you can not enjoy. Thank you Canon.Mosaics CoralMosaics Coral


I made a little tutorial-rapido although I admit that there is nothing very complicated in this. Few tricks, though, because we are here for, deuce! :

1. When you put your white base, lay the pretty fine! (I recommend White Essie a priori easier to work with) You will have a lot of allowances during the implementation and you need two good coats of topcoat to the end to catch everything, so if at the base you nail 10 mm thick, not gonna be any good 😉

2. When you ask your stripping tape to mark your boxes, be careful that it is well bonded to the edges, where it belongs and you fall below colors, z’êtes right to remove any AND redo everything ( word of girl that it happened and that nearly throw it in the garbage)

3 GroBikèrefoule:. Some say he must wait until the paint has dried to tack stripping tape: I still say no, on the contrary, if you wait it may from per plate and you can forget the sharp lines. I advise you to do your fill quickly, having previously opened all the bottles and have them all at hand to go FAST. I use a nail art brush square toe for my filling, useful for angle, it can be almost any box without too much hassle

4. It sounds stupid but remember the order in which you put your tape stripping. Which is where, etc., and remove them in the correct order, otherwise the corner drooling watching you. Nobody likes bavages angle, much less perfectionists like you. Another trick: Remove the strips like removing wax strips on your gams, pulling in the opposite direction to not let the opportunity pass to polish below (I know this sentence is not clear, I am aware. If you can understand you I awarded the prize for the best blog reader!)

My very expensive postcode 5., Take your time before applying the topcoat, even if you trust him he can betray you and to drool your pretty boxes. (It is never too wary of a topcoat) Wait a few minutes at least if the tantrum is not far! And do not hesitate to ask two layers to remove the uneven 😉

Gif-Tuto-Nail-art mosaic

These girls, I hope that these tips parviendrez you make beautiful things on your nails to you (or your great aunt after all). Remember though that if there is a micro barb, in real life no one will see because no scans your nails with a magnifying glass as you do. Have fun and good weekend! <3



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