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Nail art “seam effect” Tutorial

Ola the nailartists! I hope you are well! Ajourd’hui I propose to you a little tutorial of a new nail art that I saw on pinterest and I loved it. In addition to the shot you’d think invented specially for girls who are doing wrong with their scotch, who have no particular affinity with their dotting tool and look at their tape stripping from the corner of the eye, thinking that it will attack as soon as they let their guard down … Basically, it is for girls who want nail art fast, easy, unmissable and does not require a tool army. It speaks to you ca, hm?

All that came to me asking varnish Revlon sent for review (first name, Smoldering). I confess that when I got the hands I was not particularly hysterical because I find it quite bland, not very innovative. A gray metal slightly pink but a bit “boring” what. Not wanting to stay on my preconceptions I still decided to put it on my nails and there, black hole, really it does not have me passionate … So with my beloved instagrammettes we thought he needed a little spice, and the sun’s out there the choice was quickly made, I unsheathed my Neon Pink from home Peggy Sage, my favorite flashy pink and I started looking for a nail easy to offer art!


I do not leave you hungry, no, no, here are the steps to accomplish the same thing with you! 😉


1. Ask your regular basis and on half of the nail, ask your first color. Do not bother to make very straight and very perfect things as the center will be covered anyway! You can widely use the brush varnish, it does pose a problem.

2. If, like me, you chose a neon color second color, put first a thin layer of white on the second half of your nail. Do not worry if ca bites on the first color or if it is not right, all this will be hidden! Only then, just add your layer of neon! If you are not in a neon mood, forget the white polish step, simply place your second color 😉

3. Wait at least that your colors are dry, if you are in a hurry you can deposit a thin layer of accelerator!Then, grab you a small fine brush if you have one, or possibly a stick of boxwood or a toothpick. From my side I used the black, once again, the nail art pen ink Agnes B simply because it is extra blanket and especially that it has a very smooth texture, which makes it possible not make allowance like that could do with a thin varnish. If you have a permanent marker (not to drool topcoat) you can also use this technique. Everything is allowed, experiment! So once you’ve found your favorite tools, nothing complicated, you just make small trips from right to left at the junction of your two colors, like sewing!

4. Finish not a good glossy topcoat layer and whisked show off with friends! Hop hop hop!

Nail art "seam effect" Tutorial



So it’s not that easy MEGATOP frankly?

Okay so strangely I find photos of neon paint made with the iphone are almost closer to néonitude (who knows why I invested in a DSLR quality if it is to arrive at this conclusion haha) so I you sprinkles a few more pictures, lower quality of course, but flashy!

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