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Nail art tutorial easy and spring

Hello girls! I’m back on my blog after my visit to the surprise of Detoutetderien yesterday! Today nothing complicated, but a combination of colors that feel good summer, and that is especially archi easy to achieve! Without further ado, here are the colors I chose to ask:

Two old Essie collections, I think, have become permanent collections colors therefore quite findable in your Monoprix and other Marionnaud and Tennis Anyone, pastel yellow NCLA I tamed and gradually I began to much love! (And say that there is still some time I shouted to anyone who would listen that I hated the yellow paint … Like what, everything changes!) Oddly I think he’s going super well all other pastel shades, even with a small lavender he can do great things :). And I love the combination gray / yellow nails clothing, it’s a combo that works every time for my taste. Anyway. Time to nail salons!Nail art graphicPastelNail art graphicPastel

So my surprise of the day, something I had never really thought, this is a nail art may well help you to create small very nice optical illusions. A bit like the contouring in Makeup-addict, your nail art can help you create trompe l’oeil for a form or length. Let me explain: If you put a dark polish all over the nail and a clearer line in the center of the length, your nails will look more curved, you follow me? Well it turns out that this “french” V lengthens your nails quite significantly. I do not know if we really realize in a picture, but in life it’s obvious, I feel like nails arch long while not! I think in addition to the shape, colors also play a lot on the lengthening effect, but the fact remains that girls with short nails who would like to make it look longer can try this technique, you will give me a review! (For the tutorial, do not worry everything is going lower ;))Nail art graphicPastel

I was quite tempted to leave my french V simple but I also want to add a touch of coral to go with my new jewelry purchased from Six. So I continued in the direction of the lines a little graphic, but this time in the opposite direction, using my trusty Tart Deco, which, again, takes a photo of the face. Small coquinou!

Nail art tutorial easy and spring

Nail art tutorial easy and spring

1. You prepare your nail as usual. Small filing, small sanding if necessary, and especially small base!

2. So you put two coats of your first color. For me it was the Mint Candy Apple Essie brand.

3. Once your color almost dry, you proceed to step french. No need for tape, it is more than anything else sucks, you can start it manually is widely feasible. How I do it: I put my finger nailarter on a flat surface, I put my brush on the nail and I rotated my finger without moving my brush. The gesture is, hence, more fluid, and you have more chance to make a clean line and right the first time. You wait a few seconds and then you do the other side! Tadaaaam, you have a nice V without any effort!

4. Either you let it dry your third step a sacred lease, or you’re in a hurry and you put a drying accelerator (Seche Vite, Poshe Hardwear and being more effective in my humble opinion). Then you put two strips of tape (you have stuck / unstuck on your skin first to remove any excess glue and do not tear your first steps). Keep an eye on the distance between the tip of your inverted V and the place or ask your tape on the side to try to focus up and not end up with bent tips! (I’m pretty sure this sentence will not make sense for you. Heck, I do not know how to formulate it differently!). Then ask your third color (Tart Deco home) and fast fast, remove your two pieces of tape before the paint is dry!

5 And finally., Put a good layer of topcoat and now work! (You can aggrémenter all a small studs or rhinestones, or not so ca Just like that.)


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