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(Nail Art Tutorial) The New Black / / Associations trends!

3 small paint colors so a topcoat in gold glitter too cool and a long brush polish, black, also called Liner (imagined to make lines so you’ll understand.) In addition to these bottles, the brand offers examples of possible manicures, if you have no particular idea or if you simply want to do everything the same as Madeline (in my case, a good groupie that I am ^ ^). Allllllez I show you (you can feel how much I’m crazy happy or not!)

The New Black Shibuya

On my right hand I realized the nail art proposed by MPnails (his pet name yeah, we mega girlfriends in life) (no, I’m kidding, she obviously does not know my life) to remain in the mind FANGIRL (Gniii). On the other hand, I played it secure by not asking the pretty (yes, I said that I thought he was cute) pink associated with gold glitter. I like having two different hands, but I do not know how it is perceived externally lol … You do that too, me worry? I’m not the only schizo out like that? Regarding the application, nothing to report are super nice textures, cap in hand is a bit small, it is surprising when it was in hand and it takes a little time to adapt!The New Black Shibuya

* Amouramouramouuuuur *The New Black ShibuyaThe New Black ShibuyaThe New Black ShibuyaThe New Black Shibuya

To achieve all this, here’s how I’m taking:


With a little training to handle the liner that is affordable for all! If you are not comfortable with long brushes you can also use the content of the liner but with your usual brush 😉

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