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Nail Art Videos for beginners: How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly

Do you love out applying the nail art designs with the help of nail art videos? Well majority of the women make the use of nail art video for applying the nail art designs perfectly. One of the best things about nail art designs is that it allows the person to know the step by step details of nail art application. It would even help them out to know that what main accessories are needed for the application of the nail art designs.

Below are some of the main steps for applying the nail art designs perfectly with the help of videos.

Steps to Paint Your Nails Perfectly Through Nail Art Videos:

  1. In the very beginning you have to make sure that your nails are perfectly trimmed and clean as well.
  2. Then you will going to see in the nail art videos that you have to start applying the base coat. Allow it to get dry!
  3. Now you have to place the drop of nail polish at the center of the nail. Make sure that it should be a bit above the cuticle.
  4. Now you have to push the drop towards the cuticle. Make sure that you are leaving just a small gap.
  5. Now move the brush upwards all the way through by making a straight line till the end of the nail.
  6. Now you have to take yourself back to the base of the nail and make off with the polish along the curve of the nail.
  7. Now you have to keep in dragging the nail polish until the whole side of the nail is covered.
  8. In the nail art videos you will going to view that same steps of point 6 and 7 have been repeated on the other side of the nails
  9. Now in the last you have to apply the second or third coat if in case you are in the want of more opaque coverage.
  10. Now you have to end in the company of a top coat.


There are many tricks as well that are best for making your nail art application perfect for others.  When you are using the brush then you have to make the use of brush on the side of the bottle neck a few times to get excess nail polish off. Make one thing clear that you are not starting from the cuticle base and it should be evenly spread out. Grab the best and easy nail art videos and try it right now!

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