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Nail paint Method of Application

Why the demand nail paint is so much on the 9th cloud? Why every other girl wants to have each and every shade of the nail paint? Why is it so that we see bundles of nail paint shades in the makeup kit of each and every girl. From the results, we have seen that now the girls have become so much dress conscious and makeup conscious that they cannot live without them. All the time, they want to have their all make up items right in their bag and among these makeup items, nail paint is now the most important for them. In the older period, as you can see that we used to have few and very little nail paint shades, but now we have multiple variations, we have many nail paint shades and this has now become the plus point for all the girls because now they can try out and apply any kind of nail paint shade that matches with their outfit.

To apply the nail paint, follow the below process:

  • First, you have to apply a base coat of some clear nail polish, we have seen that a base coat will give your chosen shade of polish a smooth surface, it will be better stick up and the shade color will last longer.
  • After the application of the base coat, allow it to become fully dry.
  • Now, open the bottle of colored polish, take the perfect amount of nail polish on your brush so that you will have perfectly painted nails.
  • You should know how much exactly you need polish your brush.
  • Before applying the nail paint, have a look at the brush to see it shape, whether it is round or flatter style.
  • It is better to use a flatter style brush because with the help of this brush, you will in a better way apply the nail paint.
  • After applying 2 coats of the nail paint, allow this nail paint to dry.
  • Now, apply the third coat so that the nail paint can be applied properly.

These are the steps that will let you completely know that how you should apply the nail paint. Applying nail paint is all very easy, it is time to give fresh and new look to your hands and nails and this can exclusively be done by applying different and nice shaded nail paints on your nails.

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