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Nail polish correctly: a guide

Nail polish correct: We help to find the right nail file and the proper care for beautiful and stable fingernails.

When fingernail length everybody has their own ideas.Some like long, some short, and the form will vary depending on your taste.What with all nails is important is that care and that includes the files.To keep nails beautiful it is important not to cut with scissors, but still in time to cut with a file.The nails properly filing instructions are tips for healthy care.

The nail file to file nails properly
To hone nails need a nail file.There are different nail files.The usual nail files are made of metal, which are suitable, but not because they result in the long run to brittle nails.Alternatively, there are files that are coated with sandpaper.These are more expensive and wear out quickly, but they are also gentle.Besides these two files, there are files made from ceramic, glass or stone.Another difference in the files can be found in the grain, also called grit number.The higher the grit number, the finer the file.For brittle nails, you should use a fine file.For artificial nails used to nail files with a small number Grit.

The proper filing of fingernails
When filing nails properly it is important that the nail file is put on straight, otherwise can be sharp edges and nails are porous in the long run.To determine the shape of the nails, if we look at the nail bed.Adapted to the shape of the nail bed, honing one’s fingernails.Thus, if the nail bed is just the fingernails just filed.This creates a harmonious picture.While it is filed to make sure that is always filed in only one direction.When filing in both directions, it is possible that the nails become brittle.If a nail breaks, you should cut the nails on the other length, so that the overall picture is right.After the nails properly filed, you should file it usually once a week, the fingernails.To maintain the optimum fingernails, used once a month a Polish file.This smoothes the nail surface, removes stains and guaranteed beautiful and healthy nails.

Nail polish correctly: a guide

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