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Nails designs ideas | nail art in white and black

Even if the famous peas are a tad bigger than my model, I love this manicure. I found both by soothing colors and sparkling graphically speaking. Question achievement, imagine that it is not super hard to do, it’s just rather long since we do each mini peas by hand and re-temper the dotting tool in the drop of varnish for there to be enough! 🙂 It should also be ensuring regular at the size of peas (which I did not and that ca make a little worse) 😉

So much for my little nail of the day, it makes a world of good to revise my precious little one, is that I’m an addict myself, two days without changing nail ca saddens me hihi

Finally, I set up the minute shop, not to mix the contents of the item and information about the site store!It will not be all the time, but when I have to send you information they will be displayed like this!




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