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Natural Beauty: Beauty salon in your own kitchen

Natural Beauty is in! Fundamentals of most self-made beauty products are dairy products. They have a moisturizing effect and give the skin thus their complexion.

Sounds super tempting, right?No long waits and appointments with the beautician – simply in the local cuisine and going to go!Many things that we experience in everyday life left its mark on us.Especially bad it is not, because that’s what makes us the people we are.But when the body responds to stress with wrinkles, we should do something for us – and natural care must be expensive maybe, the best skin care products we can find in the fridge.


Body as a mirror of our soul
Also rough and dry skin and dull and lackluster hair should have the alarm bells ringing.The reasons for our discomfort in such cases are usually mental nature, and thus the treatment should also employ our emotions and feelings.But from the outside, the body needs care and protection.


Natural Skin Care?
Most women rely on in their daily personal care to the countless cosmetics from the drugstore.The numerous creams, lotions, facial lotions and skincare ampoules should cause by the manufacturer wonders, rejuvenate the skin, wrinkles and many disappear, wipe out many years of life.But how do the women, what is really in these skin care products?



Natural care even produce
If you also wish to see a little more transparency in cosmetic products, ask yourself the next time ago your face mask or body scrub themselves.On the Internet and in various so-called women’s magazines there are many different recipes for cooking and trying out.


Dairy products and fruit acids
For very many masks that can be “concocted” in your own kitchen, make dairy products together like milk, cream and yoghurt with honey the foundation.But fruits and vegetables can get the benefit of their own beauty.Fruit acids contained in berries and fresh fruits maintain the delicate facial and neck area.Dairy products provide the skin has the necessary fats, minerals and proteins.And cultivates honey in a face mask lit house sites and antibacterial.

A few of the recipes we’ve put together for you.So the refrigerator and serve up some wrinkles!Try it out and let us spoil you with milk, honey and fresh fruits on her skin!
Natural Beauty: Beauty salon in your own kitchen

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