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Natural Home Remedies For Hair Removal

Do you want to know some of the natural home remedies for hair removal? Well if yes then you have actually reached at the right destination to know about the best home remedies for hair removal.

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Removal


  1. Raw Papaya Remedy:

Papaya has the ability of breaking down hair follicle and prohibits the growth of hair. It is even found to be suitable for sensitive skin. It will even be helpful to rid of your unwanted hair permanently. For making the raw papaya paste you will need Raw papaya paste- 1-2 tablespoons and Turmeric powder almost ½ tsp. Now you have to make the papaya paste by peeling and grinding raw papaya pieces. Now you have to mix up the turmeric powder with this raw papaya paste. Now just apply it on the face for about 15 minutes. You can make the use of this paste once or twice a week.

  1. Turmeric Home Remedy:

Turmeric has been used not just for the unwanted hair removal but even for the healthy clean glowing skin. It has been added with the antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that has the quality of preventing hair growth. For making the turmeric paste you have to soak up the turmeric powder in water or milk to make a paste that should not be not too tight. Now apply it on the face for 15-20 minutes or till it dries up. Now wash off with warm water. You can even make the use of it with some other ingredients like gram flour, rice flour or ground oats along with milk.

  1. Chickpea Flour Mask:

               On the last we have chickpea flour mask! It is even known as gram flour and garbanzo beans flour. You can try this remedy for removing your unwanted hair. You have to take the chickpea flour in a bowl and then add turmeric, milk and fresh cream to this and mix well to put together a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on your face in the direction of your hair growth. You have to make sure that all the hairs have been covered. Now just leave it for about half an hour. After 30 minutes start rubbing the flour mask with gentle hand in the opposite direction of your hair growth! Now in the end wash off your face with lukewarm water.

Try the above mentioned home remedies now and in just one week you will going to get complete rid from the unwanted hairs!

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