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Natural solutions for sensitive skin, dry and itchy

Those who have sensitive skin, dry and irritated know, this is really not easy to find suitable products. Often, you have to use creams that have the least possible ingredients for not reacting the skin, but suddenly, it loses the properties and benefits of the active ingredients of regular cream. And unfortunately, these creams are often fragrant and contain preservatives or other ingredients that may irritate the skin or react.

I decided to write this article for a good friend of mine I’ve known for several years. Already, when we went to school (high school), she had quite severe eczema on his face. Fifteen years later, the eczema is less intense, but it has a lot of allergies, including an intolerance to the sun, and his skin is constantly irritated, red, flaky, super dry, swollen in places, it feels tight, it burns, in fact, it is really in bad shape. Sometimes it peels so that some parts are downright raw.

For now, the only commercial cream feels good is Avene Tolerance Extreme . She even responds to Tolériane La Roche-Posay. If not, the pharmacist has made a cream that combines home glycerin, petrolatum and water. She used the cortisone cream prescribed for a while, then pure petroleum jelly. In fact, she did not know what to try. The problem with Avene Tolerance Extreme is that it is not always in the budget for my friend, she is Doné use large quantities. The other problem is that although the “mixture” made by the pharmacist does not react the skin of my friend, she has no regenerative or restorative properties. It does qu’hydrater and artificially create the hydrolipidic film. In addition, petroleum jelly prevents the skin from breathing.

So I went to the conquest of natural solutions, that she could use her to help her get better skin without having to use scented creams. Here is my little research. If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to let me know. I am not a dermatologist, so I do what I can, so I’m open to suggestions. I thought that this article might also help others in a similar situation.

Aloe (Latin name: Aloe Vera)

The aloe plant (aloe vera) is a real little miracle plant! Its virtues are many and its therapeutic properties, almost endless. This plant has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties, clotting and antiseptic. But now we know that aloe is also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibiotic and refreshing. It is also rich envitamines, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, which gives the nutritional benefits and healing.

The only disadvantage of aloe is its smell and taste. A little advice, do not make the mistake of wearing finger in your mouth if you have touched the sap of aloe leaves, because you will run to the sink to spit, it is disgusting! But despite all that, what I recommend is to outright buy a aolès plant and grow at home. So you can cut the tips of succulent leaves of the plant as you need it, it will still be beautiful, this plant is very strong, it grows easily and is easily repaired.

When I was little, my parents took care often leaves aolès. I liked especially about my burns. My sea eme applied in the pad (the sheet directly on the wound) with a bandage over adhédif. It was very efficient and above all, very affordable.

So I recommend this plant “natural”, without having to buy aloe cream that contains preservatives and perfume. Use the pure sap mask on your skin, mixed with a neutral base and you will see a big difference.

Vitamin E

Easily found in pharmacies pure Vitamin E encapsulated. Lactating women often buy it to soothe and help heal the wounds caused by nipple feeding. And again, no need to buy a cream with vitamin E. You have very affordable in its most concentrated form. So why not mix it with a neutral base to enjoy its many virtues without the disadvantages of commercial creams that make you react.

Properties of vitamin E are: anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, improves micro-circulation, protection from UV rays, slowing skin aging, anti-irritation, etc..

Olive oil

Properties of olive oil are endless! It has been used for ages as skin care. This is particularly the case in the Mediterranean and Italy.

Olive oil nourishes the skin depth, softens and tones. It is excellent in cases of eczema and particularly effective on the driest areas of the body such as hands, elbows, knees, feet, lips, etc..

Olive oil also contains vitamins and antioxidants!

The thermal water

I wrote a full article on the thermal water. It is simply water, but its nature spa rich in vitamins and minerals provides a host of benefits for the skin.


You can use cucumber juice with tonic or downright slices of cucumber compress directly on the skin. The cucumber has the property of reducing rosacea and rosacea.

The sweet almond oil

The sweet almond oil has long been recognized as one of the best treatments against stretch marks, because it softens and tones the skin. But for dry or sensitive skin, sweet almond oil is very soothing, moisturizing (it is richer than other vegetable oils) and nourishing. It prevents dry skin and heals dry and chapped areas. It is also anti-inflammatory, so for irritated skin, it is designated.


Oats has emollient and anti-itching. It is therefore ideal for irritated skin or eczema. For better efficiency using oatmeal instead of flakes. Is mixed with warm water and is a mask.

Argan oil

As with thermal water, I’ve written a complete article about argan oil. It is an oil with a thousand virtues particularly moisturizing.



Honey has been used for ages as skin care. It is very moisturizing, softening, regenerating, soothing and anti-irritant. It is rich in minerals, sugar, vitamins and amino acids. It allows you to set the water in the skin, which is ideal for dehydration.

There are of course a host of other home remedies for dry skin, sensitive or irritated, but I can not list them all, because I spend the whole week. Those I have mentioned are the ones I know, but if you have any suggestions, I would be interested to know.

If desired, you can mix two or more ingredients from this article to create masks home great for rejuvenating the skin!

It is more economical, soft and natural! We love!


Natural solutions for sensitive skin, dry and itchy

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