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New Aqua Liner Make-Up Forever

Make-Up Forever Aqua Liner grade 7This weekend I tested the new Aqua Liner Make-Up Forever that I procured at Sephora.

This is due to the liquid version of Aqua Eyes, this eye pencil so popular in Make-Up Forever.

I love this eyeliner!

Here is its official description:

Aqua Liner waterproof liquid eyeliner is a high precision. Saturated pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees an incomparable held waterproof and colorful finish. Its ergonomic applicator lets you create, a simple gesture, a trait highly accurate and scalable. To create all styles yeliner, Aqua Liner comes in a wide range of colors vinyl matt effects, iridescent or diamond. Is easily cleanses comfortable waterpfoof a cleanser. Fragrance, tested under ophthalmological supervision. Resists water, tears, abrasion and anti-smudge. Do not apply within the eye.

The color I tested is # 7, a purple-black glistening slightly. Micro sequins are purple, which gives a nice dimension to the color.


I also liked the felt applicator that makes it easy to apply with a brush.

In addition, unlike other liners too translucent liquid which must be superimposed layers to obtain a suitable color, Aqua Liner is pigmented and opaque (we did not expect less from Make-Up Forever)!

Make-Up Forever Aqua Liner nuance 7

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