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New Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

A foam eyebrows, but what is this? Here Blinc Eyebrow Mousse. Blinc is the brand that started the famous firstmascara tubes. It is also an excellent long-lasting eyeliner and a wonderful exfoliating microdermabrasion stick style .

Bllinc Mousse à sourcils

Eyebrow Mousse Bllinc

To date, I loved all the products of this brand, and foam brow is not an exception.

Eyebrow Mousse Blinc is actually a 2 in 1: it colors the lashes and to keep them fixed in place all day. It is sold in a format that contains a vial tube mascara brush for easy application, brushing and implementation hair eyebrows.

The result? Eyebrows perfectly defined, natural color and a holding irréprochable.C is approved SecretsID!

The strengths of the product:

-Gives intense color to waterproof your eyebrows

-Hydrate your eyebrows to prevent dryness and brittleness

-Gives a natural looking color

-Treat the underlying skin with active anti-aging

Color-long without smudging or dirt

Perfect outfit-even if you sweat or in harsh weather conditions

Unique foam formula-light and easy to apply

-Look ultra-natural

I tested it several times already, and I must say I am very satisfied.



The only thing missing in this product compared to a powder or pencil is that you can not fill the holes or places hairless.

By cons, it can be quite a complement with a pencil, I’ve done elsewhere. I like to extend the tip of my eyebrows because they are too short at the outer corners. So I used the foam, and then when it was dry, I used my eyebrow pencil for the tip. It is much faster, easy and natural.

But despite missing something, there is a big plus as powders and pencils do not have: the outfit. Should be used in addition to a transparent gel or wax. Eyebrows with foam, it is a single step.

And another big plus of the foam is that it sets well despite the eyebrow hairs in place, it leaves them soft, not dry and sticky like a gel or wax.

This product has several advantages that make it very interesting in a daily makeup routine.

Eyebrow Mousse Blinc is available in 6 colors

Blonde pale-
-Auburn (for redheads)
Brunette-(my color)

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